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Bluetooth can also beam Google Play Music to speakers or an audio system. There are so many Bluetooth compatible devices, it’s simply not possible to cover them all. I recommend using AirPlay or Chromecast, unless you already have a Bluetooth audio system. Bluetooth only works within a certain range, unlike AirPlay and Chromecast, which operate over a WiFi network. This isn’t always a disadvantage. Bluetooth is a great option if you don’t have a WiFi network available. If you’re at the beach or camping, Google Play Music, an iPhone and a portable Bluetooth speaker can provide hours of entertainment.

Thrifty individuals can enjoy Google Play Music out loud using an inexpensive cable. Simply purchase a 1/8″ male to RCA male cable and connect it from the headphone jack on your iPhone to the aux input on your stereo. TURN THE VOLUME DOWN ON YOUR iPHONE BEFORE PLAYING MUSIC! Since the impedance isn’t matched, an iPhone at full volume will produce very loud and distorted music. Turn up the volume on your iPhone until it sounds right. Usually, setting your iPhone’s volume half-way works best, but use your ears and judgement.

If you don’t have a stereo, you can purchase an inexpensive set of computer speakers. There’s also a variety of alarm clocks and stereo docks that sound great and are inexpensive. I picked up an inexpensive iHome alarm clock with an iPhone dock. It actually sounds great, but not as good as my living room stereo.

Enjoy Google Play Music in Your Car

Google Play Music offers the ability to download music for offline use. This makes it a great companion for road trips. There’s a variety of ways to connect your iPhone to your car stereo. FM audio transmitters can beam audio from your iPhone to the radio on your car stereo. Most new cars offer Bluetooth audio capabilities. My car has a USB port for audio devices. I just connect my iPhone to the USB port with an adapter and enjoy high fidelity music.

Feeling Lucky? Listen to I’m Feeling Lucky Radio

Google Play Music inherits a fun feature from Google Search — “I’m feeling lucky radio”. If you’re busy or overwhelmed by having to choose from over 35 million songs, this feature is a blessing. Simply scroll down on the Listen Now screen and tap on “I’m feeling lucky radio”. Google Play Music generates a playlist based on your listening habits. You can also use this radio station to explore songs, artists or albums. Open up the Now Playing screen and tap on the queue icon to browse upcoming selections. It’s a great way to get out of a music rut. With over 35 million songs, it’s almost impossible to get bored with Google Play Music.

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