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You can access your cloud-based music virtually anywhere, from any device. Beyond the iOS and Android Google Play Music apps, it will work with just about any computer that has a browser — even Linux and Chrome OS.

Use the Google Play Music Web Player

Unlike Apple Music, Google Play Music offers a web-based player. It actually works very well. Unlike Spotify’s web player, Google’s is fast. Google Play Music’s web player allows you to access your music anywhere. When you visit friends or family, you can easily access Google Play Music from their computers. It’s easy to enjoy Google Play Music at work, without draining your iPhone’s battery.

The Google Play Music web app doesn’t allow downloading music for offline usage. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. How can you listen to downloaded music on a web app without an Internet connection? You can’t load the website user interface without an Internet connection. Due to digital rights management, all music subscription services can only play music in their player. This music can only be played if you are authenticated as an active subscriber. Otherwise, you could download a bunch of music and cancel the service, which would be tantamount to piracy.

Google Play Music Desktop App

Google doesn’t officially offer a desktop application, however, a clever computer science student has created one. It works on Mac OS X, Windows and even Linux. The desktop player allows users to customize the look and feel, although the overall theme is inherited from Google Play Music.

Use YouTube Red for Free with Your Google Play Music Subscription

YouTube Red is included with your Google Play Music subscription. The premium YouTube service gives you an ad free experience. Additionally, users can download videos for offline use and watch YouTube original series.

YouTube Red works on any platform. Simply log in with your Google account, and the premium service is activated. It’s a virtually seamless experience. It works just like YouTube. Spotify and Apple Music can’t offer anything like this with their music subscription services.

Use YouTube Music for Free

If a free YouTube Red subscription isn’t good enough, Google Play Music subscribers also have access to YouTube Music. This service is more video oriented than Google Play Music. Simply download the YouTube Music app from the App Store, sign in and enjoy!

Beam Google Play Music to Your Stereo

Music is often more enjoyable when played loudly through an excellent stereo system. Given the high fidelity of Google Play Music, iPhone ear buds can only provide an inferior experience. Google Play Music can be beamed to just about any stereo system using AirPlay, Chromecast or Bluetooth.

If you’re an Apple fan, chances are you already own an Apple TV. You probably already have your stereo connected to your TV. Beaming Google Play Music to your Apple TV is simple. Just tap the AirPlay icon on the Now Playing screen and select your Apple TV. You can also slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center’s AirPlay controls.

For those who just want to listen to music, Apple offers the AirPort Express. It’s an inexpensive WiFi router with an audio output. Simply connect the audio output to your stereo and use AirPlay to enjoy your music in high fidelity.

Chromecast is another excellent option for beaming Google Play Music to your stereo. Chromecast devices are very inexpensive and offer the capability to beam audio and video content to your TV and connected stereo. Google also makes an audio-only Chromecast device, specifically designed to connect directly to a stereo. (continue…)

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