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Planning ahead is the best way to conserve cellular data. If you know you will be without WiFi access, download music to your device ahead of time. You can download albums, playlists and individual songs. It’s probably best to download more music than you need. If you think you might want to listen to a song or album, download it. As long as you have the space, there’s no reason not to download as much music as possible.

Google Play Music also has a variety of settings that can help conserve cellular data. You can disable downloading with cellular data by turning on “Download via Wi-Fi only” on the settings screen. While you’re there, set the mobile networks streaming quality to normal or low.

Remove Downloaded Music

Downloading music helps ensure that you are listening to the highest quality of music available. It also allows you to listen to music offline. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fill up an iPhone with downloaded music, especially since you probably have other apps, photos, videos and content that take up a lot of space. Fortunately, removing downloaded music is easy and straightforward.

Unlike other iOS apps, Google Play Music doesn’t allow you to delete music from the iOS Settings app. If you’re trying to do this from the Manage Storage screen in iOS Settings, it can’t be done.

Downloaded music can be deleted from the Google Play Music app using the “Manage downloads” feature. Simply go to the settings screen and scroll down and tap on “Manage downloads”. Your downloaded music is displayed. Simply tap on the download icon (orange circle) to remove the music.

This feature doesn’t work on my iPhone. I have downloaded music on my iPhone, yet the “Manage downloads” screen displays a message that I have no downloaded content. It works on my iPad. It’s still possible to delete music without using the “Manage downloads” screen. First, tap on the “hamburger” button to display the main menu. Turn on “Downloaded only” and then tap on “My Library”. Google Play Music will now show downloaded music only. In my case, although the music is downloaded on my device, the download icon indicates that it is not downloaded. Of course, since we turned on “Downloaded only” and are seeing this album, it is downloaded. Simply pressing the download button will refresh its state, showing that the music is downloaded. Now I can either remove the downloaded music files by tapping the download button again, or go to the “Manage downloads” screen.

This is clearly a bug. It’s a little annoying, but there is a workaround. Compared to Apple Music, Google Play Music is rock solid. When I used Apple Music, I experienced disappearing downloaded music, tracks that were added to playlist three times or not at all. It’s a mess!

Upload Your Music to the Cloud

Google Play Music offers cloud-based storage for up to 50,000 songs. You can upload your entire music library from your Mac or Windows PC using the Google Music Manager application. Simply follow the on-screen instructions. The app will scan your music library folders and automatically upload music that isn’t in Google Play Music’s collection. It will match songs that Google Play Music already has. This makes the whole process expedient. It’s a great way to upload your iTunes music library to the cloud. Google Music Manager will also automatically upload new music you add to your Mac or Windows library.  (continue…)

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