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Google Play Music Tips for the iPhone

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Start an Activity Playlist: The Listen Now screen features activity based playlists. The music selections are based on the day of the week, time of day and other factors. First, tap on a playlist category, such as “Focusing (No Lyrics)”. You’ll see a list of options to refine your selection. Tap on one of the options, such as “Ambient”. A selection of “cards” with album covers appears. Each card represents a playlist. Press play to start the stream.

Add Music to a Playlist: Playlists are essential to any music streaming service. They enable users to build a collection of songs from disparate sources. You can add a song or album to a playlist by tapping the vertical “…” icon next to the item. Next, select “Add to playlist” from the pop-up menu. Choose whether you’d like to add this to a new playlist or existing playlist. If you choose to add it to a new playlist, enter a name for the playlist. Tap OK and your playlist is created. If you wish to add the music to an existing playlist, simply selecting the playlist adds the tracks to the list.

Accessing a Playlist: Access a playlist by tapping on the “hamburger” menu button on the top left of the screen. Next, tap on My Library in the main menu. Select the playlists tab on the top. You will now see all of your playlists. Tap on any playlist to view its details screen.

Edit Playlist: Tap on the vertical “…” button and select “Edit playlist” from the menu. Use the “handles” on the right of each track to move songs. Tap the red circle on the right to display the Delete button for each track. Tap the Delete button to remove the track from the playlist. (This will not remove the song from your music library.) Tap Done on the top right to exit edit mode.

Downloading Music: Google Play Music allows users to download music onto a device for offline listening. It will also ensure smooth playback if your Internet connection is unreliable. On albums and playlists, tap the download button (circle with arrow pointing downward toward a horizontal line).

To download an individual song, tap the vertical “…” button next to the track. Add the song to your music library. Next, access the main menu by tapping the “hamburger” button. Tap on My Library. Find the song by browsing your music library by song, artist or album. Tap on the vertical “…” menu next to the song and then tap on Download.

If you need to download several songs from different albums, add them to a playlist first. After the songs are added, access the playlist and tap the download button.

Music will only be downloaded while the Google Play Music app is open and in focus. By default, Google Play Music will not download over a cellular data connection. You can change this by going to the main menu (tap the “hamburger” button) and then tap on Settings. Scroll down and turn off “Download via Wi-Fi only”.

Access Now Playing Screen: You can view the album cover art and playback controls while playing music. Simply tap the panel at the bottom displaying the album cover thumbnail. The Now Playing screen will appear. This screen gives you access to playback controls, thumbs up/thumbs down song ratings, queue editing, menu options and AirPlay controls (if you have an Apple TV or AirPlay compatible audio system). (continue…)

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