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Fix Grayed Out iPhone WiFi

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Fix grayed out iPhone wifi

Another option is to upgrade iOS. You can check for new software updates by tapping settings > general > software update. Keep in mind, most users affected by this issue experienced it after upgrading to iOS 6.1.3. If you don’t have an iPhone 5, 6.1.3 is the latest version, and may be the last 6.x version. You may choose to make do without WiFi until iOS 7 is released, however, if this is a hardware issue, no upgrade will truly fix it.

Apple recommends restoring your iPhone with iTunes as a possible solution. Follow these steps to restore your iPhone.

Didn’t Work?

If the software configuration changes didn’t work, you most likely have an issue with the WiFi module. If your iPhone is still under warranty, take it to the nearest Apple store or contact Apple for replacement. If you have a third-party extended warranty, follow their process for repair or replacement. If your iPhone’s warranty has expired, there is still hope. You can take it to a repair shop. Many repair shops are familiar with this issue. They can fix it with a heat gun or by replacing the WiFi module. From my research, this should cost no more than $60.

Not Recommended

There are a few DIY fixes for this issue that are floating around the Internet. I don’t recommend these, as they may cause other damage to your iPhone. One fix is to turn off your iPhone and seal it in a plastic bag, squeezing out all of the air. The iPhone is then placed in the freezer for 15 minutes. When the iPhone is turned back on, some users are able to use WiFi again. For most, this is a temporary solution, lasting a few hours or maybe a day. Other users have done the opposite, using a hair dryer to heat up their iPhone. I don’t recommend either of these fixes. They will likely damage your iPhone further. Some people may have nothing to lose, as their warranty has expired. I would suggest taking it to a repair shop. If you live in a remote area, you can send your device to a repair service.

The iPhone is a well-made device. No device is perfect. People experiencing WiFi issues are rightfully annoyed. I would be upset if this happened to me. Keep in mind that this issue affects very few people. There are other mobile devices that are far more problematic than the iPhone. The vast majority of iPhone users are happy with their devices and the iPhone is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction, 9 times in a row. It’s not perfect, but it is better than a lot of other devices on the market.

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