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Broken iPhone Home Button Tips

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To active the Home button, simply tap on the circle then tap the Home icon on the translucent menu. This has the same effect as pressing the physical Home button. Unfortunately, you now have to perform two steps in order to simulate pressing the real Home button. While this isn’t ideal, at least you can use your iPhone again.

AssistiveTouch menu

AssistiveTouch has many more features. You can manage features and settings such as volume, lock screen, screen shots, gestures, screen rotation and much more. AssistiveTouch even allows users to create custom gestures. Even if your Home button works, AssistiveTouch opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s surprising how many iPhone users are unaware of these capabilities.

Be Careful!

Some sites offer techniques for fixing a broken iPhone Home button. People have fixed their Home button by cleaning it with alcohol or compressed air. Some have bent the dock cable to re-attach the Home button contacts. These solutions are not recommended. You could do more harm than good and further damage your iPhone. If the AssistiveTouch workaround is unappealing, I suggest taking your device to a reputable iPhone repair service. Some people have had their Home button fixed at the Apple store. If you have nothing to lose, you can try these more invasive techniques, but you’re on your own.

I personally have not experienced a broken or sluggish Home button. I’ve never had physical problems with any of my Apple devices. I think Apple makes the best hardware, but they’re not perfect. Sometimes it’s the user’s fault — they manhandle the device, drop it, or expose it to moisture and dirt. The Home button is used more than any other moving part on an iPhone. With extensive use, it will eventually wear out. Apple’s manufacturers also experience bad production runs. With hundreds of millions of iPhones, a few thousand duds is still a low defect rate. If you’re one of the affected, this is little consolation.

There are rumors that the new iPhone will not have a physical, moving Home button. Instead, it will be a flat area that can recognize finger prints. This solves the issue of broken Home buttons and provides greater security. Apple products just keep getting better!

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