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5 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 7

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iOS 7 features iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is by far the best interactive radio platform that exists. With 27 million songs, nothing comes close. I have fallen in love with iTunes Radio. If you can resist impulse buys, the service will save you a lot of money. It will also help you discover new music. iTunes Radio has pretty much everything in its vast collection of music. No matter how eclectic your tastes are, iTunes Radio is sure to satisfy. You need to upgrade to iOS 7 in order to get iTunes Radio on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This feature is well worth the upgrade.

Developers Starting to Require iOS 7

According to a recent survey, 52% of developers will be dropping support for iOS 6 in their next major release. This doesn’t mean that your existing apps will no longer work, but you will not be able to update a lot of apps until you upgrade to iOS 7. Furthermore, there are many new apps that will only work with iOS 7. Apps such as Final Fantasy VI, Evernote and Replay require iOS 7.

Upgrade Before iOS 7.1 is Released

iOS 7.1 will be available next month. The new update introduces sweeping changes, which can introduce new bugs. The current version of iOS 7, 7.0.4, will probably have less defects than iOS 7.1. If you don’t upgrade to 7.0.4 soon, it will be unavailable. iOS 7.1 will be your only option. If you put off upgrading to iOS because of stability concerns, upgrading now is probably a good idea. Otherwise, I recommend waiting for iOS 7.1.1.

Don’t Believe the Hype, Most Users Love iOS 7

There has been a lot of hype about iOS 7, most of it centered around the look. There are many things I like about iOS 7 and only a few things I dislike. Some of the app icons look silly and childish, like Newsstand. This is a very minor and cosmetic issue. Overall, iOS 7 is a great operating system and a pleasure to use.

I’m not alone. Research shows that iOS 7 has the best user experience of any mobile operating system. Users who have upgraded tend to be satisfied. I upgraded the day it was released, and have no regrets. In fact, some nasty iOS 6 bugs have been fixed in iOS 7. For example, the app update process has been overhauled in the new operating system. You will no longer have apps stuck in update limbo and you can stop apps from being updated. Hitting “update all” is no longer a terrifying situation. The improvements in iOS 7 far outweigh the defects that still exist. To be honest, Apple’s new mobile operating system is not perfect. No operating system is free of defects. Most people who have upgraded feel it is better than iOS 6. So what are you waiting for?

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