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International Space Station Live Feed on Your iPhone

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ISS Live app for the iPhone Play the live stream on the big screen with AirPlay. If you have an Apple TV, simply tap the AirPlay icon on your device and you will see it on your flat screen TV. If you own a plasma TV, make sure that the screen doesn’t get burned in. Some of the images may be in the same area for several minutes.

Ustream has an app, which some may prefer to viewing the video in Safari. Simply download the Ustream app from the App Store. The Ustream app supports AirPlay. To view the video in full screen on your iPhone, rotate your device into the landscape orientation.

UStream offers many other live streaming video channels. There are many nature-cams, traffic cams and views of the oceans. Ustream also hosts live, streaming TV shows. I often watch the local news on Ustream. Ustream is live streaming — you must tune in at the right time to watch a TV show.

International Space Station Live! Website and App

NASA has developed an amazing website enabling anyone to learn more about the ISS. The “International Space Station Live!” provides unparalleled access to the space station. On the home page, you can explore the crew timeline, science timeline and view the consoles. The home page displays the current mission status of each crew member. It also features the orbital position and live HD camera feed embedded on the page. This website is amazing and will provide the inquisitive mind with hours of entertainment and learning. You might even forget about your favorite social media platform for a moment.

ISS Live website

NASA has also developed an “ISS Live!” app for iOS. This free app offers similar functionality to the website, with some additional features. Since mobile devices have touch screens, the ISS Live! app has a 3D model of the International Space Station. You can zoom in and rotate the model, as well as view the interior with an x-ray mode.

ISS Live app 3D view

If you’re wondering which is better, the app or the website, the answer is: neither. They’re complimentary. They offer a few of the same features, but they are different. The app isn’t just a mobile version of the website, but offers an experience designed for touch screens.

ISS Live app crew timeline

NASA has been trying to get the public more involved in the space program. As the federal budget tightens, cuts in the space program have made it more difficult to advance science and technology. Getting the public involved is a great step in building awareness. Not everyone understands what goes on up there. With a live feed from the ISS, we can actually experience space. The website and apps allow users to interact and explore the International Space Station. NASA has done an impressive job with the live feed, website and app, bringing hours of enjoyment and education to those interested in the cosmos.

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