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Google Play Music Tips for Apple TV

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Make a Playlist

Playlists are a great way to get your ducks in a row before you start listening to music. You can add songs from different artists or albums and change the order of songs. Making a playlist will prevent you from having to fiddle with your iPhone. Google Play Music also offers its own intelligent playlists, based on your listening habits or possible activities. For example, if it is Saturday afternoon, Google Play Music may present a playlist for cleaning the house or relaxing. For more information on creating a playlist, check out “Google Play Music Tips for the iPhone”.

Download Albums or Playlists

Google Play Music is very reliable, however, your Internet connection might not be. I’ve found that streaming music can often result in drop-outs. It also increases network activity, which can result in AirPlay drop-outs. After all, your device must stream the music from Google Play Music and also stream it to your Apple TV. Although this doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth, I’ve found that other network activities can cause dropouts.

Google Play Music is far more reliable if you download the album or playlist first. Simply tap on the download icon to begin storing the music on your device. You can start playback before the album or playlist is downloaded. Make sure to set Auto-Lock to Never, as Google Play Music stops downloading when the device is locked.

Remove Downloaded Music

Downloading all of your music will quickly fill up your device. It’s very easy to delete music from Google Play Music. From the top of the Google Play Music home screen, tap on the “hamburger” menu button on the left side of the search field. This displays the main menu. Next, tap on Settings and then tap Manage Downloads. A list of every downloaded album appears along with a graph depicting device storage usage. Tap on the downloaded icon to remove an album or playlist. Confirm this action to remove the album. Don’t worry, you can download this music again later.

Unfortunately, you cannot delete music from the iOS Manage Storage screen in Settings. It only shows how much data Google Play Music uses and a button to delete the app.

Deleting and reinstalling the app will remove all music. While it may seem drastic, it’s actually a great shortcut. You won’t lose your music library, playlists or any data used to make recommendations. The data are stored on Google’s servers and are tied to your Google Play Music account.

Set Audio Quality to High

Altering audio quality, a recent addition to the Google Play Music app, enables users to choose the best format for their available bandwidth. By default, this is set to Normal for Wi-Fi streaming and High for downloads. Although it’s best to download music just prior to playing it, I recommend High audio quality for streaming. After all, you’re paying for a Google Play Music subscription. Go for the highest fidelity sound you can get.

Prior to this setting, I always suspected that when I streamed music, it sometimes didn’t sound right. Now I realize, if the Internet was congested or my ISP was having problems, Google Play Music would thin the stream. This is why I started downloading music. Downloaded music always sounded great. I still recommend downloading, as it ensures trouble-free playback. (continue…)

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