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Best Way to Use Apple TV 4

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Not all settings can be changed using Siri. If this is the case, it’s still possible to launch the Settings app simply by saying “Settings”. From there, you can drill down into the Settings menus. Hopefully, Apple TV will evolve to the point where most settings can be altered using Siri, and if not, at least it can take you to the appropriate Settings screen.

Use Siri Remote Shortcuts

The Siri Remote offers convenient shortcuts, saving users from having to navigate the screens and menus. Users can put their Apple TV to sleep by holding down the Home (TV set glyph) button on the Siri remote. This displays a dialog box confirming that you want to put your Apple TV to sleep. If you’re really into automation, just let it sleep on its own. Go to Settings > General > Sleep After to set the time interval. If you have an older TV, this won’t turn it off automatically. You need to turn it off using the Home button or Settings > Sleep Now option, and point the remote at your TV.

As mentioned previously, holding down the Menu and Home button simultaneously will restart your Apple TV. Hold both buttons down until the light on the base unit flashes rapidly, then release both buttons.

If you ever need to access the Home screen, this can also be accomplished using the Siri remote. There are two ways to do this. The best way is to press the Home button once. You can also hold down the Menu button.

I only have one reason to access the Home screen — to launch the Screensaver. When I use Google Play Music over AirPlay, I like to launch the Screensaver immediately. I do this by pressing the Home button to access the Home screen. Then I press the Menu button twice to launch the Screensaver. I tried launching the Screensaver using Siri, but it doesn’t work. Perhaps this functionality will be offered in a future update.

Use Apple TV 4 the Best Way

There are a few ways to use Apple TV 4, and they all work. If you feel comfortable slogging through the icons and menus, by all means, use it this way. However, in terms of user interface work, it’s much easier to use Apple TV as outlined in this article. Using Siri and avoiding the Home screen will save a lot of time. If you resist the urge to close apps, they’ll usually resume where you left off.

Menu driven user interfaces are so ingrained in our behaviors. I was using Apple TV 4 the old-fashioned way for several months. It was the only way to use my previous Apple TV 2. With tvOS 9, it was often necessary to close apps and restart Apple TV. For the past few weeks, I have been using Apple TV 4 the best way, and there’s no turning back for me. This is the future of computing. Instead of pecking at icons and menu items like chickens, we can just talk to our devices and tell them what to do. It becomes intuitive immediately and these devices become a pleasure to use. Try it yourself, and I’m sure you will agree that it’s the best way to use Apple TV 4.

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