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Fortunately, you can change the Siri Remote back to its original behavior. Simply go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Home Button to change this back. Of course, if you use the TV app a lot, it’s best to go with the new default.

Use AirPods with Apple TV

Apple TV has long offered the ability to beam sound to external sources. If you had the right Bluetooth headphones, you could also connect them to Apple TV. With tvOS 11, Apple has added direct support for AirPods. If you can actually buy a pair (they’re still quite hard to find), you can easily enjoy your favorite TV show, movie or music without bothering anyone.

Stay Tuned for More tvOS 11 Features

tvOS 11 isn’t the most earth shattering release that Apple has made. I’m actually glad that they approached this release with restraint. Let’s face it — the tvOS team is not as good as the iOS or macOS groups. It’s simply good judgement to limit changes in order to ensure stability. This means that tvOS 11.0 is just the beginning. Expect more features to be added with upcoming tvOS updates.

Looking into my crystal ball, I can already predict that more apps will be folded into the TV app. The most pressing question is whether Netflix will join the fold. Also, AirPlay 2 hasn’t been fully implemented across the Apple ecosystem. They definitely fixed AirPlay, but they still haven’t added the ability to beam content to multiple AirPlay targets from an iOS device. This feature actually needs to be implemented on the iOS side, but it affects tvOS, particularly if you have multiple Apple TVs. The HomePod also relies on this feature. My only concern is that, whenever Apple fiddles with AirPlay, they tend to break it. Let’s hope that, with so much at stake, Apple engineers do their best to keep AirPlay reliable. It was broken for over two years, and they didn’t do anything about it.

It would also be nice if Apple finally fixed the issue with distorted audio. It’s not my stereo. It’s not my TV. I just set up someone else’s Apple TV and it has the same problem with distorted audio. This is a problem with tvOS. I don’t understand how they can’t hear this, but I really hope they can fix it. If not, I may just go with Chromecast Audio for music playback. This is par for the course. Apple TV is far from perfect, but it’s good enough and inexpensive when compared with most Apple devices. If you are entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, it is by far the best TV device you can buy.

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