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Apple TV on a Budget

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Play Free Video Games

Apple TV transcends mere television. The device is more of an entertainment system than a cable substitute. The App Store features some pretty amazing games, many of which are free. I find that I play a lot more games now that I have an Apple TV. Racing games, in particular, are a joy to play. Using the responsive Siri remote to steer, Apple TV’s detailed graphics and smooth motion make for an immersive experience.

There are many free games in the tvOS App Store. The free ones are actually some of the best games. Their developers hope you will pay for in-app purchases, but it’s not mandatory. I’ve actually gotten quite a lot of enjoyment from free games without paying a cent.

Asphalt 8 is one of the best free games in the tvOS App Store. It’s a very forgiving racing game, without complicated controls. Players steer, boost and apply the break using the Siri Remote. The remote’s accelerometer allows players to steer simply by tilting the controller. It’s remarkably smooth and responsive — just like driving a car. As you gain experience and race, you earn more credits, which can be used to upgrade your car. You never need to spend money on this game, however, I ended up making a few in-app purchases. If you’re on a budget, this isn’t necessary.

Air Wings is another amazing free game. It’s an aerial combat game, but with paper airplanes and other “cute” aircraft. If you’re concerned about video game violence, AirWings is quite tame. At worst, you can destroy someone’s paper airplane with some spit wads or pencil missiles. The actual game play is truly amazing. It features stunning graphics, responsive controls and buttery-smooth animation. The free game gives you unlimited game play with one paper airplane. You can purchase additional planes, or the whole collection for only $5.99. I actually went for the whole collection, because I love this game! Just make sure to practice a lot before you play online opponents.

You can really get a lot of enjoyment from these games for free. There’s many more free games in the App Store. Just browse the free games category in the Apple TV App Store, and you’ll find hours free entertainment. You may even forget about watching TV.

Apple TV Can Save You Money

Overall, my experience is that Apple TV has saved me a lot of money. I’ve saved about $5000 since I cancelled cable almost six years ago. This includes the price of the device, services and a la cart rentals and purchases. I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. In fact, when I visit friends and family with cable, I feel sorry for them. They have to use this clunky, obsolete remote with dozens of buttons. The cable box user interface is ugly and over-complicated. They can’t play video games. I find that I’m more up-to-date on the latest shows than they are, but I actually watch less TV.

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