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iTunes Radio Tips for Apple TV

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The more you (and others) use iTunes Radio, the better it gets. I have already noticed that iTunes Radio is getting much smarter. As millions of users are interacting with the service, asking it to play “more like this” and skipping songs that don’t fit, the service gets better for everyone. There’s logic on the backend that learns from users’ preferences. Every time I use iTunes Radio, it simply gets better.

Let iTunes Radio Know What You Like

For your sake, and the sake of other listeners, be an active user of iTunes Radio. As mentioned, the service is learning from user behavior. When you skip a track that doesn’t fit a radio station, iTunes Radio learns. When you select “Play More Like This”, “Never Play This Song”, or skip a track, iTunes Radio tracks the data. The information not only fine tunes your experience, but also the experience of others. As the data are aggregated, iTunes Radio becomes smarter about artists, songs and genres. You can select “Play More Like This” or “Never Play This Song” by clicking the down select button while in the Now Playing view, and then selecting the appropriate option. Skipping is also taken as disliking a selection, however, you are limited to 6 skips per hour. If you have exhausted your skip quota, “Never Play This Song” is the next best option.

If you accidentally skip a song you like, make sure to go back and select “Play More Like This”. From the Now Playing screen, use the left select button to move back to the song. Then use the down select button to display options for the track. You cannot replay a song you have skipped by going back in history. After all, that would enable people to listen to whatever they want without paying for it. If you let iTunes Radio know that you like the song, it will be in rotation. With 27 million songs, however, it may take some time to hear it again. I have not yet had one song repeat playback.

Additional refinement of iTunes Radio is possible by tuning the station. From the top menu, select Edit Stations and select a station. From here, you can toggle the “Tune This Station” setting to prefer Hits, Variety, or Discovery. You can also add artists, songs or genres to your “Play More Like This” and “Never Play This Song” lists. iTunes Radio is remarkably flexible. If it’s not playing music you like, take control and shape your experience! (continue…)

edit stations on iTunes Radio

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