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Use Bluetooth Keyboard

It’s possible to use a Bluetooth keyboard with Apple TV, for those who just can’t stand the on-screen keyboard and don’t have an iOS device. First, turn on your keyboard and make sure it is discoverable. Consult your manual if you don’t know how to do this. Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth on your Apple TV. Next, select your keyboard from the list. Type in the four digit code that appears on your screen, using your Bluetooth keyboard. Your wireless keyboard is now paired with Apple TV. You can unpair the keyboard by going to Settings > General > Bluetooth and selecting “Forget this device”.

You can use the wireless keyboard to enter text and navigate menus. The arrow keys act as Up, Down, Left and Right buttons. Return selects an item and the escape key will take you out of a menu. You can also type the first few letters of an item to select it. You can even use the media controls on your keyboard to operate Apple TV.

Fix “Bricked” Apple TV

A few early adopters of the Apple TV 6.0 update experienced severe problems. After the update was installed, their Apple TV no longer worked. While this may seem alarming, it’s easy enough to fix. To restore a “bricked” Apple TV, you’ll need a USB-to-micro-USB cable and a computer with iTunes. Next, follow these instructions on the Apple Support website.

bricked Apple TV

Use VoiceOver to Hear Menu Options

The Accessibility options help disabled users operate Apple TV. They’re also great for users who are in another room and can’t see the display. Perhaps you just want to listen to music and turn off your TV’s display to save energy. Some people just listen to music on their Apple TV and don’t even connect it to a television. Even if you are using the Remote app, sometimes it may be difficult to adjust settings on a “headless” Apple TV without using VoiceOver.

You can turn on VoiceOver by going to Settings > General > Accessibility. You can also alter the speed of the voice from this menu. Once activated, VoiceOver will speak the menu options and enable you to control Apple TV without watching the screen.

accessibility options for Apple TV

Turn Off Sound Effects

If you’ve had your Apple TV for a long time, the sound effects might be getting on your nerves. You might also want to use Apple TV for a presentation or to DJ at a party or club. You can turn off sound effects by going to Settings > Audio & Video > Sound Effects.

Enable Digital Home Theater Sound

Apple TV features an optical digital audio connector. With just one TOSLINK cable, it can connect to home theater audio systems, providing Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound capabilities. Home theater audio systems are surprisingly affordable. Entire systems, with amplifiers and six speakers, can cost as little as $99. (continue…)

Apple TV optical audio

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