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Fine Tune Recommendations

Apple Music learns what you like when you use the service. You can also get more control over recommendations by indicating your preferences. When you like a song or album, make sure to tap the heart icon.

Tap Heart Icon on Apple Music

You can even do this from the lock screen.

Tap Heart Icon on Lock Screen

It is also possible to indicate what you don’t like on the For You screen. Simply hold your finger down on an album you don’t like. A menu will appear. Select “I Don’t Like This Suggestion”.

Dislike Album Suggestion on For You Screen

This only seems to work on albums presented on the For You screen, and not playlists.

Make Playlists Available Offline

Albums and songs aren’t the only downloadable music formats. Apple Music allows subscribers to download whole playlists. This works for playlists you create, as well as curated playlists. It’s a great way to download individual songs without having to initiate the download on each song. Simply tap on “…” at the top of the playlist and choose Make Available Offline.

Download Apple Music Playlist

All of the playlist’s songs will be downloaded and appear in both My Music and Playlists. Downloading playlists has a consequence. You will start to see partial albums in My Music, because most playlists only feature one song from an album.

Downloading Playlist Creates Partial Album Downloads

You can download the full album or leave it alone if you just want the songs on the playlist.

Download Beats 1 Playlists

Fans of Beats 1 can rest assured that tuning in on time is not necessary. Every song played on Beats 1 can be enjoyed later. You can even download the songs and listen offline.

First, tap on the Radio button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the Beats 1 icon, but not the Listen Now button.

Tap Beats 1 Radio Icon to View Programs

A screen with Beats 1 programming information will appear, along with a grid of program icons.

Scroll down to View Beats 1 Programs

Tap on one of the program icons to view past playlists.

Tap Beats 1 Program to View Playlists

You will see a collection of playlists.

Tap Beats 1 Playlist to View Songs

These work just like any other Apple Music playlist. Tapping on a playlist will display all of the tracks. Tap on the top-level “…” button and choose Make Available Offline to download a playlist.

Make Beats 1 Radio Playlist Available Offline

The playlist will appear under Playlists and the individual songs will be added to My Music.

Beats 1 Radio Playlist Added to My Music and Downloading

Add Custom Image to Playlist

Customization is important for some users, and Apple has taken note, adding more flexibility to iOS 8. Apple Music has added some basic customization features, including the ability to add a photo to a playlist.

First, tap on the My Music button at the bottom of the screen and then select Playlists from the top. Select the playlist you wish to edit.

Select My Music Playlist to Edit

Tap the Edit button at the top of the playlist.

Tap Edit on Playlist

The graphic on the right will display a small camera icon. Tap on the camera icon and then select Choose Photo from the pop up menu. You can even take a photo using the camera.

Tap Camera Button on Playlist to Add Photo

Unfortunately, you can’t add alternate cover art to an Apple Music album. There is a workaround. Simply make a playlist for the album and add the alternate cover to it. It isn’t quite the same as replacing the album art. Albums and playlists are different. We can only hope that Apple adds this feature later. You can do this with albums in your iTunes library, on a Mac or Windows computer.

View Recently Played Music

Apple Music offers so many songs, it is almost hard to keep track. If you listen to new music while otherwise occupied, you might want to look at a history of what was played. Fortunately, this is an easy task. Simply tap on the list button in the Now Playing screen.

Tap Now Playing List View

Scroll up on the list to view previously played tracks.

View Apple Music Now Playing History

You can re-play any of these songs by tapping them. (continue…)

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