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Use an FM Transmitter with Apple Music

If you only have a radio, you can purchase an inexpensive FM wireless transmitter from several stores. I have seen FM transmitters at drug stores for less than $10. Amazon has many of these for even less. Just plug the transmitter into your iOS device’s headphone jack and tune your radio to the correct station. This is great if you only have a radio or an older car stereo. Keep in mind, the sound quality isn’t as good as AirPlay, Bluetooth or a direct cable connection. It can only sound as good as FM radio, which lacks some of the higher frequencies.

View Album Art on Apple TV

If you beam Apple Music to your Apple TV via AirPlay, you may wonder what happened to the album art. In some cases, depending on where you are in Apple TV, you won’t see it. The default screen saver will kick in, instead of the Now Playing view.

You can navigate to the Now Playing view by moving the cursor on to Music in the top row of icons. Next, move the cursor to the Now Playing icon in the top marquee and press the center select button.

View Now Playing on Apple TV

The album cover will appear, along with a bar showing the length of the song and current playback progress.

Now Playing on Apple TV

The album cover will flip every few seconds, ensuring that your screen won’t be damaged.

Cancel Apple Music Subscription

The free three month Apple Music subscription is enticing many people to sign up. Some may choose to cancel the subscription after the trial period. You may wish to cancel it if you just aren’t using it much. Keep in mind, when you cancel Apple Music, you will lose all of your downloaded songs, with the exception of iTunes purchases. With Apple Music, all music downloads are only available while you subscribe. They are DRM protected to ensure you won’t copy them. This also ensures that artists are paid when you listen. You can only listen to Apple Music in the Music app and iTunes. Apple Music for Apple TV will be coming this fall.

Canceling Apple Music is easy. Simply turn off iTunes subscription renewals. Please read “How to Turn Off iTunes Auto-Renewal Subscriptions” for more information. If you have the three month free trial, you can turn off renewals now to ensure you won’t forget.

Apple Music Auto-Renewal Subscription Screen

Pay for Apple Music with Discounted iTunes Gift Cards

At $9.99 per month, Apple Music is destined to save most music fans a lot of money. The $14.99 family plan allows up to 6 family members to use Apple Music independently. You can save even more money by paying for Apple Music with iTunes gift cards. Many stores sell iTunes gift cards at up to 20% discounts. Costco regularly offers discounted iTunes gift cards. Sometimes they even have a sale. You can save up to 13% if you have an Executive membership and use a rewards card. I use iTunes gift cards to pay for Apple Music, HBO Now and other iTunes purchases. For more information, please read “Buy iTunes Gift Cards at a Discount“.

Reset Music Selection Bubbles

Remember those neat bubbles that you tapped when you first started Apple Music? If you find the For You suggestions to be unappealing, you may want to reset these. Simply tap on the user icon on the top left any top-level Apple Music screen.

Tap User Icon on Top Level Apple Music Screen

Next, tap on Choose Artists For You.

Apple Music Artists for You

You will see the bubble screen.

Apple Music Genre Bubble Screen

From here, you can either add to your preferences or reset them by tapping Reset at the bottom. (continue…)

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