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Remove Downloaded Songs from Apple Music

Apple Music is a mashup of the previous Music app and the new subscription service. This means your iTunes purchases are presented along side Apple Music songs added to My Music. Unfortunately, this creates some UI confusion. There’s no easy way to delineate iTunes and Apple Music albums and songs.

My Music Shows Apple Music and iTunes Purchases

Removing specific albums from My Music is the same process, whether it is an iTunes album you own, or an Apple Music album you are “renting”. Simply tap the “…” and select Remove Downloads from the menu.

Remove Downloads from Apple Music

This will delete the underlying music files stored locally, however, the album or song will remain on My Music. You can remove the album or song by tapping “…” and selecting Remove from My Music.

Remove Album or Song from My Music

Deleting all of your downloaded music can be accomplished from one central location. This will delete both iTunes purchases and Apple Music albums. If you go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > Music, you will see all of the music stored on your device. You can delete all of these by tapping the Edit button on the top right.

Tap Edit Button to Show Delete Controls

Next, tap on the red circle.

Tap Red Circle to Display Delete Button

Tap on the Delete button to remove all music from your device.

Tap Delete Button to Remove All Music

There’s a neat trick to remove all downloaded Apple Music tracks from your device, while leaving iTunes purchases on your device. Simply go to Settings > Music and turn off iCloud Music Library. Next, tap Turn Off when prompted.

Remove All Apple Music by Turning off iCloud Music Library

This will remove all Apple Music downloads from your device. You may want to turn iCloud Music Library back on so you can download more music. This is a convenient way to quickly free up space on your device, enabling you to download different albums and songs.

Play Apple Music on Your Stereo

Apple Music is even better when you blast it from your stereo. Maybe you prefer to listen to something quiet and relaxing in the background. Playing Apple Music from your stereo is easy, especially if you have an Apple TV or AirPlay compatible audio system.

First, make sure your stereo equipment, Apple TV or AirPlay compatible device is on and the volume is reduced. After all, you don’t want to be shocked by excessively loud music that could blow out your speakers. Next, slide your finger up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to reveal Control Center. Make sure you are connected to WiFi and then tap the AirPlay button.

Activate AirPlay from Control Center

Select your AirPlay device and tap Done.

Select AirPlay Device and Tap Done

Now, launch Apple Music, play some music and enjoy!

For more information on how to connect an Apple TV to your stereo, please read “How To Connect Apple TV to a Stereo“. Apple TV offers a few ways to connect to a stereo, including an optical audio output.

You can also beam Apple Music to a Bluetooth speaker. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to pair your Bluetooth device with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

There is a “poor man’s” solution to playing Apple Music on bigger speakers. Simply purchase an inexpensive male 1/8″ to male RCA cable.

RCA to Headphone Jack Cable

Plug one end into the headphone jack of your iOS device and the other end into the line input (aux) of your stereo. Be careful about the levels. Make sure to turn down the volume on your iOS device and stereo until you figure out the right levels. Headphone outputs are amplified and line inputs expect line-level (un-amplified) audio. Slowly increase the volume on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until you can hear the music, but it doesn’t sound distorted. (continue…)

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