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Turn Off Explicit Music

Apple has garnered much criticism for being controlling of content. They are notorious for rejecting apps based on inappropriate content. When it comes to Music, however, Apple is tolerant of f-bombs and other expletives. You might not want to hear obscenities. Fortunately, you can turn these off.

If you have enabled Restrictions, as noted in the previous section, disabling explicit music is simple. From the Settings > General > Restrictions screen, tap on Music, Podcasts & iTunes U.

Tap Music Podcasts iTunes U for Explicit Setting

Next, turn off the Explicit switch.

Turn off Explicit Content for Apple Music

You can use the Restrictions screen to fine tune access to your iOS device. It’s great if you are sharing your iPad or iPod touch with the family.

Turn Off Sound Check

Sound Check is the Apple Ecosystem’s method of controlling audio volume. Unfortunately, it can have the opposite effect. I was listening to an album I have enjoyed for several years. When listening on Apple Music with Sound Check activated, a song that is supposed to be quiet was actually very loud. This may be what Sound Check is supposed to do, but it seems unlikely. This quiet song seemed louder than the heavier, more rockin’ tunes. I had to run over from the kitchen to turn the stereo down. It was that loud.

I recommend turning off Sound Check for Apple Music. It should be off by default. You can turn off Sound Check by tapping Settings > Music and turning off the switch.

Turn off Sound Check

You may also want to turn off Sound Check on your Apple TV (Settings > Audio & Video > Sound Check). I didn’t notice a difference when playing Apple Music over AirPlay from my iPhone. Turning Sound Check off on my iOS device seemed to do the trick. Apple Music will be coming to Apple TV soon, so it’s a good idea to turn off Sound Check ahead of the launch, so you don’t forget. This will also prevent the feature from affecting iTunes and iTunes Radio audio levels when played directly on Apple TV.

Turn off Sound Check on Apple TV

Adjust Apple Music EQ

An equalizer, or EQ, is an audio tool that enables frequency adjustments. If you want more bass, you can adjust the EQ appropriately. I recommend only doing this if your audio system doesn’t have an equalizer. The Apple Music EQ only offers presets. Much like seasoning a dish, EQ should be adjusted to taste. This is best done while listening.

A preset makes assumptions about the music and audio system. Albums are always recorded and mastered by different engineers and they don’t all sound alike. There really is no such thing as a “jazz” EQ. Nonetheless, if you are listening with headphones or a simple audio system, it’s the best option.

You can turn on the EQ by tapping Settings > Music > EQ. From here, try to find a preset that enhances the music.

Apple Music EQ Settings

You might want to turn it off when you’re done listening, especially if you listen to many different types of music. What works for Metallica might not be ideal for Miles Davis.

The Late Night EQ preset allows listeners to enjoy music without disturbing others. It reigns in the dynamic range so that music is more audible at lower levels.

Save Your Ears with Volume Limit

The Volume Limit feature sets a maximum audio level that can’t be overridden by any of the volume controls. This feature only works with the headphone jack. Setting the Volume Limit is easy. First, make sure no music is playing. Plug your headphones or external speakers into the headphone jack. Next, turn up the volume all the way on your device, either using Control Center or the volume button on the side of your device.

Turn up the Volume on Your iPhone

Next, go to Settings > Music > Volume Limit and turn the slider all the way down.

Turn Volume Limit Down

Launch the Music app and start playing some music. Go back to the Volume Limit setting and slowly turn the slider up until it is at the desired maximum level. (continue…)

Turn Volume Limit up to Desired Level

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