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The hourly forecast graph is one of the most useful features on It is specific to the pinpoint location you defined using the map. You may want to save it as a bookmark or add it to your Home screen. Radar and Satellite Maps

Radar and satellite maps are essential for viewing precipitation and cloud cover conditions in any location. If it is raining here, there may be places nearby where it isn’t raining. I can look on the map to find a dry place to run or walk my dog. Fortunately, has adequate radar and satellite maps.

Scroll down the page until you reach the “Radar & Satellite Image” section. Radar and Satellite Map Options

The radar map is located on the right and the satellite map is on the left. Both maps are specific to your pinpoint location, although they display a much wider area. Click on either map to get a full screen view. Each map offers numerous settings, but default to the most useful view. Radar Map

One noticeable absence is the lack of a future forecasting radar feature. In my experience, these aren’t very accurate, which is probably why they don’t provide them. I recommend using the hourly forecast instead. You can look this up for any location by setting a new pinpoint location on the main forecast page.

Some Weather Apps Are Still Useful

Although is my go to source for weather information, I still haven’t deleted all of my weather apps. I find that Storm is probably the best weather app, and it’s great for looking up current conditions. It offers current conditions from a vast collection of weather stations. Storm can also compute current locations at any location by compositing it from nearby locations. That said, I find it’s easiest to get local current conditions by looking out the window. Storm can be incorrect about current conditions, especially if you live in an area with microclimates. It also offers a predictive radar feature. Although these aren’t very accurate, they may be useful for some.

Overall, I have found to offer the most reliable weather forecasts. I encourage iPhone users to look outside the App Store. Sure, the are some weather apps that claim to use NOAA and NWS data, but they all seem to have some shortcomings. Beyond accuracy, weather apps take up room on your iPhone and have to be updated constantly. The Web is still good for a lot of things, and weather forecasts are one of them. When it comes to weather information, it’s hard to beat

We’ve just scratched the surface with this article. offers a wealth of meteorological and climatological information. You can even look at the long-term climate predictions for your area of the country. The website may look a bit hokey, but the information is top-notch. When it comes down to it, that’s all that really matters.

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