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You can get an even more specific forecast than your city, state and zip code. has a pinpoint forecast feature that can be set using a map. Scroll down to the middle of the web page to view the map. Double tap your approximate location to zoom in. Keep double tapping until you can see your preferred location. It’s best to zoom in to the point where you can see the house or building where you want the forecast. When you find the exact location, tap on it once. The web page will reload with the pinpoint forecast for your location. The forecast is optimized for the green square on the map. Pinpoint Forecast Map

At this point, it’s best to save this location for further reference. After all, you don’t want to fiddle with the map every time you check the forecast. Simply tap the share button on Safari to display the Share Sheet. Next, tap on either Add Bookmark or Add to Home Screen, based on your preference.

Add Bookmark or Home Screen Icon

I recommend adding it to your Home Screen, as you can launch it just like an app. Now that you have your local forecast configured, let’s take a look at what has to offer. Daily Forecast displays alerts and warnings at the top of your local weather page. You can tap on the warning to get more information. Current conditions are displayed below any warnings. Current Conditions

The current conditions might not be for your pinpoint location, which is a minor annoyance. It should be close enough for an accurate temperature reading, and you can look outside to see if it is raining. I have to admit, some weather apps, such as Storm, are much better at reporting current conditions from a composite of multiple weather stations. I recommend using Storm only for this purpose, as I feel their forecasts are inferior to’s. Extended Forecast

The daily forecast for your pinpoint location is displayed below current conditions. Make sure to scroll to the right to see all of the days covered. Unlike some weather apps, they don’t offer a 10 day or 21 day forecast. It’s a pointless endeavor. These long-range forecasts can’t possibly be correct, so doesn’t bother with them.

A detailed daily forecast is located below the extended forecast. It features a written summary of weather conditions for each day and night. These can be quite detailed and it demonstrates that an actual meteorologist is working on these forecasts. It’s not just some garbage regurgitated from a server in some data center. Hourly Forecast

As with all weather services, provides a detailed hourly forecast which spans several days. This is your best bet for finding a few hours when it won’t be raining. Simply scroll down the page and tap on the graph labelled “Hourly Weather Forecast”. Hourly Forecast Graph

As you can see, the graph displays detailed information, such as chance of precipitation, wind speed/direction, temperature and other statistics. Tap on the grey buttons located on the top right corner of the graph to move forward or back by two days. (continue…)

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