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The NHL app for Apple TV is remarkably similar to the MLB app. It’s actually developed by Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the same corporation that created the MLB app. It offers all the same features as the MLB app — 60 frames per second high-definition video, the ability to watch 2 games at a time, and the card-based user interface. The app differs from the MLB offering in that users are guided through a brief setup process. Picking favorite teams and turning off score data (to prevent spoilers) are part of the one-time configuration process. Users can also choose whether to join a live game from the start or in progress. Unfortunately, a subscription to NHL.TV costs $139.99 a year.

Limitations of the NHL.TV app are common to all major sports apps. Viewers can only watch out-of-market games. This means you’ll need to watch the game on cable, satellite or using an antenna if it is shown on local TV.

MLS App for Apple TV

Americans love to play soccer, however, watching the sport has never really caught on. Although soccer is enormously popular in the rest of the world, the US audience is quite small. Viewership is growing, however, the typical Major League Soccer match only gets audiences in the hundreds of thousands. FIFA is much more popular but they don’t offer an Apple TV app.

The MLS app for Apple TV offers a similar set of features found in every other sports app. Users can quickly browse match schedules, watch highlights, browse standings and watch live games. The MLS app bypasses in-app purchasing. If you wish to subscribe to MLS Live, you’ll need to do it through their website. An MLS Live subscription costs $79.99 a year.

As with all major sports app, MLS live only allows viewers to watch out-of-market games. The blackouts and subscription fees make it hard for casual soccer fans to find it useful.

Willow TV App for Apple TV

Cricket is not very popular in the U.S., however, it is extremely popular internationally. Countries that were formerly part of the British Empire tend to have a lot of cricket fans. Having worked with software engineers from India, I am well aware of the popularity of the sport. Although you will rarely see a cricket match on American television, the Willow TV app for Apple TV makes it possible for anyone to enjoy the sport.

The Willow TV app for Apple TV gets to the heart of the matter, with live games featured on the opening screen. Viewers can watch replays, highlights and access settings from the top menu. Unfortunately, without a $14.99/mo subscription, the app is completely useless. It’s not even possible to watch highlights without a paid subscription.

Cricket is not aired on American network television. This enables Willow TV to escape any blackout restrictions. When you subscribe to Willow TV, you can watch any cricket match. This fact alone may convert a few cord-cutting American sports fans to cricket. (continue…)

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