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NCAA March Madness Live App for Apple TV

College basketball is so popular that, although it is not a professional sport, its absence in this article would be notable. The NCAA March Madness Live app for Apple TV offers the ability to watch two games simultaneously. It’s also free, as long as you subscribe to cable or satellite television.

The app itself is very simple with only three screens — Watch, Schedule and Settings. The Watch screen allows users to view highlight clips and related videos. The Schedule screen displays past and upcoming games grouped by bracket categories — Final Four, Elite 8, Sweet 16 and more.

Overall, this app is nothing special until one actually watches the game. The ability to watch two games at a time is crucial to college basketball, and something you can’t really do on cable. At best, you may be able to finagle some picture-in-picture capabilities, but the NCAA app goes far beyond that. There’s also no blackouts. The only drawback is that you must have a cable or satellite subscription in order to activate the app.

MLB App for Apple TV

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and the MLB app for Apple TV delivers a lot with a minimum of restrictions. It also offers stunning high-definition at 60 frames per second and the ability to watch two games simultaneously. Although the app requires a subscription for full activation, it also offers a free account and access to free games. It’s one of the most generous offerings of any major sport.

The app itself is streamlined and optimized to browse the schedule and watch games. Upon launch, viewers are presented with the Games screen with its innovative, card-based user interface. The cards display current games for the day. Each individual card features statistics on the game, including the score, bases, the current inning and other stats. Clicking on a card starts live game playback. Users can also browse highlights and standings from the top menu. At $109.99 a year, MLB.TV Premium isn’t cheap, but if you’re a baseball fan, it has a lot to offer.

The MLB’s digital offering is surprisingly modern, especially given the old-time, traditional nature of baseball. They have embraced the digital world with few restrictions. Unfortunately, users can only watch out-of-market games using the app. Without a doubt, the networks still have a strangle hold on sports. You’ll still need cable, satellite or an antenna to watch every game.

NHL App for Apple TV

Although ice hockey isn’t as popular as football, baseball or basketball, it does enjoy a huge following, particularly in areas with cold winters. I grew up in a colder climate, learned how ice skate and played street hockey with my friends. Hockey was huge where I lived, but that’s not true everywhere. Hockey is gaining popularity in areas where it isn’t cold. The San Jose Sharks are remarkably popular in the San Francisco Bay Area, even though most of their fans don’t know how to ice skate. It’s easy to see the appeal of hockey. The sport is action packed and doesn’t continually pause, as with most sports. Technology improvements have made it easier to see the puck. (continue…)

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