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The Livestream app offers a universe of free content in one app. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the latest episode of The Walking Dead, you probably won’t find it. Instead, Livestream offers a collection of TV stations from around the world. If you want to watch local news from around the world or around the block, you’ll probably find it on Livestream. The app offers live streaming coverage of a variety of topics, including music, sports, science, technology, lifestyle and other subjects. Think of it like YouTube, except everything is live.

The app offers a simple user interface. Users can either browse live videos on the main screen, or search for streams. If you’re looking for news from your local affiliate, type in the call letters (ex: KRON) or city. There’s no guarantee that your preferred local affiliate streams via Livestream. With so many options, however, you’re bound to find something of interest.

Mejdoo TV

Mejdoo Apple TV App

For those interested in broadening their horizons, Mejdoo TV provides live streaming television from around the world. Founded in Tunisia in 2014, Mejdoo TV offers access to live international TV and radio stations.

Mejdoo TV differs from other live streaming apps, in that the content comes from professional international TV stations. If you’re looking for the kitty cam, you won’t find it here. Instead, viewers can enjoy live streaming television from Armenia, France, Germany, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, Syria and Tunisia.

The Mejdoo TV app offers a simple user interface. The app defaults to the Recommended screen, which presents featured TV stations. Simply click on a TV station to begin viewing. Users can also view TV stations by country.


The National Broadcasting Company was founded by RCA in 1926, before television even existed. In 1939, the company entered the broadcast TV industry. NBC has a long history filled with ups and downs. Over the years, the network has been acquired by larger parent corporations. NBC is currently owned by Comcast.

Although the NBC tvOS app can be activated with a cable or satellite subscription, this isn’t necessary. With activation, content doesn’t expire and viewers have access to more programming. Unlike most network apps, NBC offers all of their current content for free, without activation. Viewers without a participating cable or satellite provider have 8 days to watch a show before it expires. Everyone can enjoy shows such as SNL, Will & Grace and The Voice for free.

The NBC tvOS app features an innovative user interface, differentiating it from most other network apps. The iconic menu bar is located on the left side of the screen. This offers better usability, as new tvOS users often don’t know how to display the ubiquitous top menu. The Home screen displays a refreshing array of content presented in vertically oriented rectangles. This is a significant change from the tired old grid of video thumbnails. Users can easily browse shows by name, add them to favorites and search for programs. The NBC tvOS app is easy to use. It’s also easy on the eyes, with its aesthetically pleasing look. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t integrate with Apple’s TV app. This means you’ll need to launch the NBC app instead of playing shows directly from the Apple TV Home screen.


OVGuide Apple TV App

Beverly Hills based OVGuide started primarily as a website aggregator. Founded in 2006, the company has grown to offer free movies and TV shows on a variety of platforms, including Apple TV. The name OVGuide is short for “online video guide”.

Don’t expect the best movies and TV shows on OVGuide. The advertising-subsidized service tends to go for low-end content, however, some of the titles are appealing. After all, there are some innovative indie movies that don’t cost a fortune to license. Movie titles include Hunting Season, The Lifeguard and Arcadia. OVGuide features TV shows such as Forensic Files, World of Discovery and America’s Dumbest Criminals. Movies and TV shows are rotated often, so make sure to watch anything that interests you as soon as possible. It’s important to note that programs are not edited or censored.

The OVGuide app features an uncomplicated user interface. After agreeing to activate location services, the app offers one screen with every available movie and TV show. Clicking on a video displays details, including a summary, cast list and related videos. The app is so bare bones, users can’t even play videos directly by pressing the play button, which is almost standard functionality across Apple TV video apps. There is absolutely no learning curve to use this app, which is a benefit of its simplicity.


Snagfilms Apple TV App

Fans of independent film and documentaries will love SnagFilms. Founded in 2008 by Ted Leonsis, former president of AOL, the multi-platform service offers ad subsidized movies and TV shows. SnagFilms is the fastest growing tech company in the Washington DC area. (continue…)

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