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Start a Show from the Beginning

Remember the days when you had to plan your schedule around your favorite TV shows? Like many newfangled TV services, PlayStation Vue lets you start many programs from the beginning, even if you tuned in late. Simply click the Touch surface while playing a show to pause and display the timeline. Scrub back on the timeline to start the show from a previous time.

PlayStation Vue Pause and Start Over

This doesn’t work with all shows. In fact, in my testing, it didn’t work with most shows. If it doesn’t work, you’ll see a rewind icon with a line through it when you attempt to scrub.

You can pause and resume live TV using this same technique. You can also rewind any show from the point where you started watching. For those who are adverse to advertising, pausing a show will enable you to skip past ads and catch up later.

Canceling PlayStation Vue

Canceling PlayStation Vue is easy, however, they seem to have hidden the feature. I logged on to the PlayStation Vue site and went to the account pages, however, there was no cancellation feature. I managed to find the cancellation site using Google.

Once you have reached the cancellation site, simply log in using the account you created. The process is straightforward. Simply follow the on-screen instructions. A brief survey is used to determine why you cancelled. Make sure to be candid as to why you decided to quit.

Is PlayStation View Worth It?

Overall, PlayStation Vue is the best live streaming television service I have tried. It’s much better than Sling TV, offering more channels and better reliability, albeit at a heftier price. If you don’t really watch a lot of live TV but want some cable-like functionality, PlayStation Vue may be right for you. Another advantage is that you can use this service virtually anywhere on any device. It’s like taking your television in your pocket.

The PlayStation Vue app features an excellent user interface, especially compared to the typical digital cable box. There’s no clunky set-top box with a 100 button remote. Instead, everything is presented clearly on screen. PlayStation Vue for Apple TV is remarkably intuitive and elegant. There’s not much of a learning curve at all.

For me, the negatives outweighed the positives, and I ended up canceling the service before billing commenced. I found the app to be a bit buggy, with frequent crashes on the channel guide. I understand that the app is only a few weeks old, however, show-stopper bugs are unacceptable. If they can’t fix critical bugs in a few weeks, it demonstrates a problem with their engineering process.

Unlike cable, there are far too may restrictions on PlayStation Vue. For one, Comedy Central is unavailable on the service, even with the most expensive tier. They’re missing a few other channels. Even worse, individual programs are often blocked on channels they do provide. This goes beyond sports black outs. I noticed far too many shows and movies that were unavailable because PlayStation Vue didn’t have the rights to broadcast them. That just doesn’t happen with cable. If you’re spending $79 a month on the Ultra package, you simply shouldn’t have to experience blocked content. This just goes to show, although the technology is here, good old corporate greed is slowing down progress. (continue…)

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