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PlayStation Vue for Apple TV

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PlayStation Vue Settings

PlayStation Vue Settings

The PlayStation Vue Settings screen offers a few features to manage your experience. Users can switch profiles from the Settings screen, however, you are prompted to pick a profile when starting the app. The help feature provides brief information on using the service. The user guide provides a concise manual for using the service, with some unfortunate omissions, such as how to use the DVR feature. The Legal screen presents the privacy policy and user agreement. Users can also sign out of PlayStation Vue from the Settings screen.

How to Use PlayStation Vue’s DVR Feature

PlayStation Vue’s easy-to-use DVR is one of its best features. You can record any program by clicking on the “+” button on the top of its detail screen. If it’s a live show, simply swipe down on the Touch screen to view the info screen, and click on the “+” button.

PlayStation Vue Add to My Shows

This adds the show to the My Shows list on the Home screen.

PlayStation Vue My Shows List

From there, click on any show you’ve added to display past episodes. Recorded episodes display the DVR icon on the top right of the show’s card. If the show’s episodes are available on demand, “ON DEMAND” is displayed on the top right.

PlayStation Vue My Shows Detail Screen

There’s no way to record individual episodes. PlayStation Vue’s DVR feature records all episodes. It’s not a problem because the shows aren’t stored on your Apple TV. The DVR uses cloud technology, so PlayStation Vue takes up very little space on your Apple TV. This also allows you to watch your recorded shows on your iPhone, iPad or computer. Unfortunately, programs are not recorded in HD — at least the ones I recorded. I was somewhat disappointed to watch recorded episodes of The Walking Dead in below-SD quality. The picture was grainy with a jerky frame rate. I’m not sure if this is a legal requirement or if they do this to minimize the impact on their data center operations.

Recorded episodes are available for 28 days. You can fast forward and skip commercials on most recorded shows, however, this capability is disabled for some programs.

How to Add a Favorite Channel

PlayStation Vue offers a few ways to add a favorite channel. The easiest method is to swipe down on the Touch surface while any channel is playing. This displays the Info panel. Swipe over to the channel icon on the right and click on it.

PlayStation Vue Access Network Screen from Info Panel

You will see the channel’s More Info screen. Simply click on the heart icon to add it to favorites.

PlayStation Vue Add Favorite Channel

You can also add a channel from the guide. Launch the guide and click on a program. If the program is live, use the previous steps to add it as a favorite. If not, you will see the program’s detail screen. Click on the channel icon on the top right and then click the heart icon. This same technique can be used throughout the PlayStation Vue app.

Favorite channels are displayed on the Home screen. To remove a channel from favorites, simply select the channel and click on the heart icon again.

PlayStation Vue Remove Channel from Favorites

How to Watch On Demand

PlayStation Vue offers a vast collection of on demand content. If you forgot to add your favorite show to My Shows, you may be able to watch episodes on demand. Simply click on a show’s card to view the detail screen. You will see cards representing each episode of a show. Cards with ON DEMAND on the top right can be played immediately by clicking on them.

PlayStation Vue On Demand

Fast forwarding is disabled on some on demand programs in order to prevent viewers from skipping ads. (continue…)

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