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The right panel also allows for selection of sources. If you don’t want to buy iTunes content, you can remove that as a source. This enables users to tailor Yidio to their available services, which is essential for budget-minded cord cutters. Each source is labelled with “sub” for subscription, “pay” for pay-per-view, “cable” if it requires a cable subscription, or “free”.

Yideo sources

This is one of the most comprehensive portal apps I have used. There’s so many options, it’s hard to complain about this very useful app. That said, there is room for improvement in this first 1.0.1 version.

In my first day of use, I found one very minor bug. When I locked and unlocked my iPhone screen, Yidio displayed a message that there was no network connection. The app still worked when I did another search. It’s a cosmetic bug, definitely not a show-stopper.

Yidio does not have Adult Swim as a source. There is an Adult Swim iPhone app that has full-length episodes. This is a surprising omission, considering the popularity of the late-night adult cartoon network. Adult Swim shows are also available on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. I’m hoping this will eventually be added as a source. These are the shows I often search for across multiple sources. I’ll just have to search for them on each individual app for now.

Yidio has been on the web since 2008. The iPhone app was just released. An iPad app is coming soon, and there will also be an Android version released later. Each experience is tailored to the device and available sources. You could theoretically use the Yidio website from your iPad, but the integration is not tight. Some sources available on the web won’t work for the iPad, because they use Flash. Of course, you can use Flash content on an iPad with the Photon browser. The point is that Yidio is designed to integrate with the device. For now, you can use the iPhone version on the iPad. The iPad version is only a few weeks away! We can only hope that Yidio will make its way to Apple TV someday.

Yidio is designed to be your portal for finding and playing tv shows and movies on your device. It does this well. I’ll be using Yidio quite often. This app solves the problem of finding content across many different sources. You can save money by watching a show on Crackle instead of buying it on iTunes. You can even earn credits and buy content on Amazon. This app is exceptionally useful and completely free!

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