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NPR Music App for iPad

Apple is the biggest tech company on the planet. Big doesn’t always mean better. Apple doesn’t always make the best apps, and their Music app leaves a lot to be desired. National Public Radio, a mere gnat compared to Apple, developed a music app that leaves Apple in the dust. NPR’s app doesn’t have the same functionality as Apple’s Music app. That said, its design is clearly superior to anything Apple has to offer for free. Apple does create some amazing apps, such as GarageBand. However, many of the free apps bundled with iOS are poorly designed and lack quality.

At first glance, the NPR Music app is gorgeous. It is a work of art. It is clean, elegant, and a pleasure to use. It is well-organized. Every feature is easily accessed, with a clean, streamlined workflow. The animations and user experience are dazzling. NPR clearly put a lot of effort in developing this app, which is free. They are hoping you will like it so much, you will donate to their cause.

NPR is not for everyone. They are left-wingers, but that doesn’t bear influence in the music app. NPR Music does feature many independent artists. Much of the music is more intellectual and artistic than what you find in the mainstream. But they do cater to everyone. Even fans of mainstream music, like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, or Justin Timberlake, can find something of interest with the NPR Music app.

If you are looking to discover new music, this is the place. Those with broad and extensive musical tastes will find something new. There is a wealth of free content, including complete concert videos and recently released albums, in their entirety. Don’t expect too much free music from the more mainstream artists. However, if you like artistic and independent music, the NPR Music app is a treasure trove of free, quality content.

NPR Music covers a wide range of genres, including rock, jazz, classical, hip-hop/R&B, folk, world, and electronic/dance. There are also many types of media accessible within the app. There are music tracks and over one hundred radio stations.

Video content is also available, with a large selection to choose from. In addition to pre-recorded video, NPR also features live video broadcasts of concerts. The concerts are also available for viewing after the live event.

For the voracious reader, there are myriad articles and reviews. There is even an artist directory with over 5000 entries where you can find out about virtually any musical act on the planet. Of course, there are the NPR music programs, such as Piano Jazz, All Songs Considered, and others. (continue…)

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