Nasty Podcasty Part 2

Is there an echo in here?

Having spent more time with this app, I decided to write a quick update. I now use it for my everyday Podcast needs, but I found more issues. There are problems with echos in the audio and a “phantom” Podcast that just showed up one day.

If you click on the image of your Podcast in the Now Playing view, it will reveal controls to adjust settings for the Podcast. You can set the audio speed, move to points in the podcast with the scrub, and set a sleep timer.

There are two problems with echos. If you move the speed selector to slow (the tortoise icon) you will hear an echo, or delay, on the audio track. This also happened to me with a Podcast where the speed was set to normal. I tried closing and restarting the app, but it didn’t help. It didn’t sound good.

The other strange issue is the “phantom” Podcast. I opened the Podcast app the other day, and there was a generic Podcast icon, that has no associated content.

When I click on the icon for the Podcast, it shows something from Dec 31, 2000 which has no content. I swear I didn’t add any other Podcasts than the PBS News Hour. Is this some QAT data that didn’t get removed? Unfortunately, I am not able to delete it. It’s not a huge deal, but every time I go to the app to enjoy a Podcast, I am reminded of the new state of Apple quality. What happened?!?


I stumbled upon the method to edit the podcast library. I was finally able to delete the phantom Podcast. You need to slide your finger down on the list of Podcasts, and a bar with search and edit slides down.

I must say, it is a bit odd that one needs to play around with these apps to learn how to use them. Apple wrote a “manual” for this app, but it doesn’t inform the user as to how to pull down the edit/search/list mode bar. It doesn’t even have screen shots. It is completely mind-blowing that the largest tech company on the planet can’t spend an hour to come up with decent documentation.

You can also press and hold on a Podcast icon in your library, and they will “shake” and allow you to reposition them. Again, this is not in their manual. I had to figure it out…

One more thing… I attempted to download last night’s “PBS NewsHour” and it didn’t work. I tried it in iTunes as well. It may not be Apple’s mistake. It just goes to show, you can’t really rely on Podcasts for essentials like news. I ended up listening to the video soundtrack of the NewsHour on the PBS app (which is a very good app).

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  1. Thanks for the tip on deleting podcasts. I had some I had deleted and unsubscribed awhile ago show up one day and I could not delete them. The usual method of holding my finger on them did not do anything. ??

    1. That doesn’t work for me either. Just swipe your finger down to reveal the toolbar, click the edit button, and delete the Podcast by clicking the “x” on the corner.

  2. I just downloaded the new software update for the iPod Touch. It appeared to move all of my podcasts from the music app to Apple’s podcast app. Do you know if there is a way to switch them back? What would happen if I just deleted the podcast app? Thanks.

    1. This is by design… Apple decided to move all Podcasts to the Podcasts app. When I updated my iPad and started Music, it popped up a message. Unfortunately, deleting the Podcasts app won’t help.

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