iOS 9.1: Worth Upgrading?

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I am not the only one experiencing problems with iOS 9.1. There are many reports from people who can no longer use their phone, send email or send text messages. For a complete picture of iOS 9.1 problems, read the comments on this website. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of millions of people who are using iOS 9.1. The chances of experiencing these problems is unlikely and they don’t seem to be widespread. Nonetheless, if you need your iOS device to “just work”, you may want to postpone upgrading to iOS 9.1.

iOS 9.1 Battery Life

As with all iOS releases, some users are complaining about poor battery life after upgrading. Make sure to calibrate the battery after upgrading, if you are experiencing rapid battery depletion.

The Facebook app for iOS contains a known bug which drains the battery and slows down devices. When Facebook is closed, it continues to run a rogue process in the background. Make sure to update your Facebook app and read the release notes to make sure they have fixed this issue. If your device runs the faulty Facebook app, you can fix the problem by closing the app and resetting your device (hold down home and sleep/wake until you see the Apple logo). Keep in mind, you will need to do this every time you use Facebook, until you have the fixed app. They have supposedly fixed the iPhone app, however, I do not see a fix for the iPad yet.

iOS 9.1: Worth Upgrading?

iOS 9 promised to be a stable and efficient release. Apple promised an evolutionary release with modest changes and a focus on performance and stability. It’s getting there, but iOS 9.1 is still too defective to install on my iPhone 6. I am experiencing far too many app crashes, particularly with WebKit browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc.) and Mail. Notes no longer syncs with my Mac. I also find Spotlight to be unbearably slow at times. I recommend sticking with iOS 8 for now.

If you have already upgraded to iOS 9, it’s worth upgrading to iOS 9.1. There are fewer bugs than previous iOS 9 releases. iOS 9.1 also patches numerous security vulnerabilities.

Most Apple experts claim that iOS 9.1 is the last release for a long time, perhaps until 2016. This may be a long time to wait if you are still on iOS 8. I don’t find any compelling reason to upgrade to iOS 9. The promises of stability and improved battery life haven’t yet materialized. I think the next release will offer the quality that Apple customers expect.

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