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iOS 9.0.2: Worth Upgrading?

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iOS Not Suitable for Most Office Work

I think iOS is the best mobile operating system, but it is unfit for the workplace. The only exception is when a corporation creates a custom iOS solution. Only fairly large corporations can do this, but the extra costs of the devices and custom software solutions will have most sticking with Microsoft Windows. Off-the-shelf productivity solutions for iOS are typically watered-down mobile versions of better and cheaper desktop software. For example, Microsoft Office is much better on a Mac or Windows PC than an iPad. You also don’t have to slouch over a tablet for 8+ hours a day if you use a proper computer. A Windows PC costs less than half as much as an iPad.

iOS 9.0.2 Battery Life

Some users are complaining of poor battery life after upgrading to iOS 9.0.2. Check Bluetooth activation to ensure that it’s turned off. Apple sometimes turns this on after iOS upgrades.

I personally have not experienced diminished battery life after upgrading either my iPad 2 or iPhone 6. I calibrate the batteries about once a month. I have been doing this for years. I still have an iPhone 4 that’s over four years old and still gets exceptional battery life. I use it mainly for Spotify, so I can play games on my iPhone 6 while listening to music.

People on social media are complaining that iOS 9 has offered poor battery life. There are so many people affected, there must be some truth to it.

iOS 9.0.2 Problems

As with every iOS release, users are reporting problems with iOS 9.0.2. These problems seem to have emerged only after installing the update, which indicates that iOS 9.0.2 is the culprit. These issues include problems connecting to LTE, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Podcasts app defects, and iCloud backup failures.

Users are also complaining that their device is unusually warm. This may be due to the upgrade process itself. Installing iOS uses the Wi-Fi module, processor and the solid state drives. It is also a battery-intensive process. All of this activity generates heat. Give your iPhone a rest after upgrading to iOS 9.0.2. You may want to shut down your device for several minutes, until it cools down.

While I haven’t tested every aspect of the process, it seems to be an improvement on iOS 9. If you’re still using iOS 8, you may want to postpone upgrading to iOS 9. iOS 9.0.2 still does not offer mission-critical quality.

iOS 9.0.2 Security Fixes

iOS 9 introduced a screen bypass vulnerability, which remained in iOS 9.0.1. If you remember, iOS 6 was plagued with these issues. It’s almost unbelievable that these vulnerabilities are resurfacing. You’d think Apple would add this to their test cases. VBarriquito found this issue and also discovered the lock screen vulnerabilities in iOS 6. Apple should hire him as a consultant.

As you can see, it’s easy to bypass the lock screen and use Siri to access Messages and Contacts. You can prevent such unauthorized access by disabling Siri on the lock screen. Simply tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and then enter your Passcode. Next, disable Siri under the “Allow access when locked” section.

According to Apple’s release notes, this issue has been fixed in iOS 9.0.2. I’ll wait for VBarriquito to confirm this. It took Apple numerous attempts to fix lock screen vulnerabilities in iOS 6.

iOS 9.0.2: Worth Upgrading?

Overall, iOS 9.0.2 is still an unstable and defective operating system. Safari does not work well. I can’t access sites that I need. So far, I have only installed iOS 9.0.2 on my old iPad 2. My iPhone 6 is still running iOS 8.4.1. I would only recommend upgrading to iOS 9.0.2 if you have already upgraded to iOS 9. There is no turning back now, as Apple has stopped signing 8.4.1. If you are still on iOS 8, you may want to wait until iOS 9.1 comes out. Usually, the “.1” release is stable enough to install on a device that needs to “just work”.

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