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iOS 8.3: Worth Upgrading?

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Restore iTunes WiFi Sync after upgrading to iOS 8.3

After doing some research, I found some users reporting serious issues after upgrading to iOS 8.3. A few users are not able to use TouchID in the App Store. Some have had their device end up in limbo, with the update being stuck. They have had to fix their device by connecting it to a computer and using recovery mode to restore their device.

Some users are still complaining about WiFi issues. It may be that Apple did not fully fix the issue, however, it has solved the problem for many users. It is possible that some people may have faulty WiFi routers, which causes the problem. It is also conceivable that Apple hasn’t fully fixed the issue. In either event, if your WiFi is malfunctioning, it’s worth upgrading to iOS 8.3. It will probably fix the issue. If not, at least you will obtain the other benefits from upgrading to the new release.

iOS 8.3 Does Not Decrease Battery Life

Reports of diminished battery life are rare, but some are experiencing rapid draining. This is not uncommon with major iOS releases, as they often run an optimization process in the background. It is also possible that they are syncing photos to iCloud, which depletes the battery. After these processes have run their course, normal battery life will be restored.

You also have to take these supposed problems with the knowledge that some people hate Apple enough to lie. It’s quite typical for Apple-haters to make up problems with a device they don’t even own. I just experienced this in social media, were someone who doesn’t own a single Apple product claimed that HBO NOW only offered 2% of HBO’s library. When Maps was released with iOS 6, Apple’s support site was flooded with phony users claiming all sorts of fictitious problems. The Internet is full of liars. Some people feel that Apple is the new evil empire and must be stopped at any cost. Unfortunately for us, it makes it harder to discern fact from fiction.

I have not found iOS 8.3 to introduce any battery life issues. In fact, I am writing this article on my four-year-old iPad 2 with iOS 8.3. I started with 100% battery life and after 90 minutes of continuous use, it is now at 94%. If anything, Apple’s latest update has improved battery life, most likely by improving performance. Optimizing code for efficiency will usually improve both performance and battery life.

iOS 8.3 is Worth Upgrading

I have used iOS 8.3 for a few days now, and find it to be a huge improvement. My iPad 2 is faster and more responsive. It has better battery life. Apple’s new update isn’t perfect, but overall, it is worth installing. The few regressive defects do not detract from the numerous bug fixes and new features. I recommend installing the new release as soon as possible.

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