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iOS 7 Bugs

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fixed iOS 7 bug

AppStore: Apps Pending Updates Not Displayed


Description: This bug has two facets. Upon launching the AppStore, you may not see any apps pending updates, even though the badge displays a number. This is due to a lack of user feedback. AppStore is polling the cloud to find out which apps need to be updated, but the user is not informed. The user only sees an empty list or a list of apps that have been updated with “open” buttons. The other issue happens after updating a few apps. The user is presented with the apps that have been updated, and the apps pending update are no longer visible. This usually happens after the lock screen activates while updating apps. Upon unlocking the device, the user is presented with a listed of updated apps, not apps that need to be updated.

Severity: High

Workaround: If you launch AppStore and don’t see any apps pending updates (but the badge displays that there are), simply wait. After AppStore polls the update servers, you will see the list of apps. If you have updated some apps and no longer see apps pending updates, close AppStore and relaunch. If you still do not see apps pending updates, close AppStore and open a few apps, then relaunch AppStore. Opening the other apps will remove AppStore from memory. When you re-launch, it will reinitialize AppStore and display a list of apps pending updates.

Status: Fixed in iOS 7.0.2

fixed iOS 7 bug

Bypass Lock Screen Vulnerability


Description: The current lock screen bug is both notorious and embarrassing for Apple. This is the third major lock screen vulnerability in less than a year. This bug allows a malicious user to access the camera roll by bypassing the lock screen:

  • on a locked iPhone or iPad, slide up Control Center
  • tap the timer button and hold down the sleep/wake button until the cancel option appears
  • tap on the cancel button
  • double tap the home button
  • the multitasking view appears, with the camera app accessible

Once in the camera roll, photos can be sent out with the user’s email and social media accounts. Contacts are also accessible.

Severity: High

Workaround: Users can disable the lock screen’s access to Control Center (Settings > Control Center > Access on Lock Screen).

Status: Fixed in iOS 7.0.2

fixed iOS 7 bug

Reminders: Can’t Add New Item


Description: When switching from Reminders to another app and then back, one cannot add a new item to a list.

Severity: Medium

Workaround: Open another list then open the list you would like to add an item to. After switching between lists, you can add items. You may also want to consider not using Reminders and using another app such as Clear.

Status: Fixed

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