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iOS 7.0.4: Worth Upgrading?

iOS 7.0.4 update

Less than two months after the iOS 7 launch, Apple has deployed yet another update. At 16 MB, iOS 7.0.4 is a small update and definitely worth upgrading. The patch fixes a few bugs and doesn’t seem to introduce regressive defects.

What Does iOS 7.0.4 Fix?

Primarily, iOS 7.0.4 fixes an issue with FaceTime calls. Prior to the upgrade, some users were experiencing a rather serious issue with FaceTime calls being dropped. Researching the issue, I found that FaceTime worked for most people, but malfunctioned for some. There were workarounds that could fix the issues, but now Apple has fixed it.

The new update offers some security improvements. Prior to iOS 7.0.4, it was possible for an authenticated user to make additional iTunes and App Store purchases without further authentication. This could potentially allow someone to make purchases on another person’s iOS device without providing a password. The iOS 7.0.4 upgrade fixes this issue.

This isn’t a serious issue. It did not allow anyone in the world to make iTunes purchases on your account. A malicious user would have to take your iOS device and make a purchase, but that purchase would be available on your Apple ID account. This is all the more reason to lock your iPhone.

iOS 7.0.4 Battery Life

As usual, after every iOS upgrade, some users are complaining that they no longer have the expected battery life. I have found no difference in battery life in my testing so far. In fact, I have never experienced any battery life issues after upgrading iOS, ever. Keep in mind, the upgrade process itself uses battery power to download, prepare and install the update. This is quite intensive, as it pushes the CPU and solid state drives to the max. Furthermore, after upgrading iOS, an optimization process is usually run. This doesn’t happen with every release, however. If your device seems to have slowed down immediately after an upgrade, this is usually temporary. Remember to calibrate your battery after upgrading. Check out this article for more iOS 7 battery life tips.

The Last “.0” Upgrade

Many in the tech community believe that 7.0.4 will be the last of the “.0” upgrades for iOS. According to GottaBe Mobile, server log files have indicated that 7.1 is currently being tested by Apple. The 7.1 update may introduce new features, in addition to more bug fixes.

Worth Upgrading?

iOS 7.0.4 is definitely worth upgrading. At 16 MB, the upgrade takes less than 10 minutes to run. Those who have put off upgrading to iOS 7 may want to make the move. iOS 7.1 might not be as stable as 7.0.4, as a “.1” release typically adds new functionality. 7.0.4 will be the most stable release of the 7.0.x branch. Having used iOS 7 for two months now, I haven’t had any serious problems. Overall, the operating system is a pleasure to use, and it feels like I have a new iPhone.

Don’t expect perfection, but don’t believe the hype. Many tech writers tend to blow Apple’s flaws out of proportion. It boosts page views, but it is intellectually dishonest. With hundreds of millions of iOS users, it’s easy to find issues and distort them as being the rule, rather than the exception. iOS 7 is surprisingly stable and usable, especially considering that it completely reinvents iOS.


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