iOS 7.0.3: Worth Upgrading?

iOS 7.0.3 update

iOS 7.0.3 has just been released, just one month after iOS 7’s debut. This update fixes numerous bugs and is definitely worth upgrading.

Apple has been quite busy lately. Within a month of launching iOS 7, they have already released three updates. The new 7.0.3 update is 50-100MB in size, depending on your device. The update is much larger than 7.0.1 and 7.0.2., fixing quite a few urgent bugs.

No More Blue Screen of Death

The détente between Microsoft and Apple is over, and so is the irony of Apple’s “blue screen of death”. Apple is known for high quality software and hardware, so this egregious bug was noteworthy. Apple fixed this issue in one month, which is exceptionally fast. iOS users will no longer experience these blue-screen crashes when using iWorks. In fact, I haven’t experienced any crashes with iOS 7 since the first week. They seem to have patched some of the stock apps in the background, as well as quietly fixing these issues in iOS 7.0.1 and 7.0.2.

iMessage Not Buggy Anymore

After the iOS 7 launch, many users were plagued with iMessage issues. Their messages would appear to be sent, but later showed up as undelivered. iOS 7.0.3 fixes this issue. Apple claims the issue only affected some users. Many in the blogosphere contend this flaw affected millions of users. To be fair, a few million users is still a fraction of the iOS 7 community. Nonetheless, it was an egregious bug.

More Secure

iOS 7.0.3 introduces security fixes, which is all the more reason to upgrade as soon as possible. The update remedies yet another bug which allows a user to bypass the lock screen. It’s amazing how vulnerable the lock screen has been. That said, the lock screen can only be compromised by someone who can physically access the device. Once compromised, the malicious user only has limited access to the device. A lock screen really should be secure, however. Apple needs to put more focus on lock screen security, as there have been at least five major flaws in the past year.

iCloud Keychain has been added to iOS in the 7.0.3 update. The feature has been added to iOS along with the OS X Mavericks release, which also supports iCloud Keychain. The new security technology keeps track of your credit card numbers, account names, and passwords across all of your Apple devices. Safari can now automatically generate unique, hard-to-guess passwords. You won’t need to remember these passwords, as iCloud Keychain will manage them for you. If you are concerned about online security, iOS 7.0.3 is definitely worth upgrading.

No More Motion Sickness

For those sickened by iOS 7’s motion effects, the iOS 7.0.3 update allows users to turn these features off. Users could always turn off the parallax effect. The 7.0.3 update allows users to turn off the transitional zooming effect. Both effects are disabled by turning on the Reduce Motion setting (Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion).

Other Improvements

iOS 7.0.3 has some additional minor bug fixes and improvements. The update fixes an issue with accelerometer calibration. Siri and VoiceOver have been improved to always use a high quality voice. For a complete list of bug fixes and improvements, visit the Apple Support website.

Like most tech companies, Apple will often quietly fix some embarrassing bugs. Fixing bugs that have not been publicly acknowledged is common in the tech industry. I have little doubt that 7.0.3 introduces more fixes and improvements than Apple will admit.

Overall, iOS 7.0.3 is worth upgrading. The update fixes serious bugs and greatly improves iOS. I feel that iOS 7, while not perfect, is pretty solid considering the scope of changes. I have used iOS 7 from day one, and experienced few serious issues. iOS 7.0.3 is a significant update. It makes iOS 7 much more solid. Those who are holding off on upgrading may want to consider taking the plunge. It’s impressive to see Apple fixing so many issues just a month after the release of iOS 7.

Ready to upgrade? Follow this upgrade process to ensure that you don’t lose anything.

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  1. Netflix doesn’t work after the IOS 7.0.3 update. I already tried reinstalling Netflix and still same behavior(not able to see my Netflix profile, therefore I can’t play anything)….. help please!?

    1. I have used Netflix on my iPad a few times after upgrading to iOS 7.0.3, and it works for me. If this happened immediately after upgrading, there are a few possibilities:

      1. not enough free space — go to settings > general > usage and make sure you have some free space. I think 1GB should do it.

      2. Try resetting your device. This will not affect any user settings. You won’t lose any data. Simply hold down the sleep/wake button and home button until your device powers off. Then wait a few seconds and start it back up. Apple recommends doing this before bringing it in to the Genius Bar. It solves the majority of issues with the iPhone. It may be the case that Netflix has left some cached data that needs to be cleared out.

      3. If the issue is that your profile doesn’t show up, try signing out of the Netflix app and signing back in, if possible.

      4. Reset Netflix app: go to settings > Netflix and turn on the reset switch.

      If these suggestions fail, try contacting Netflix support. They may know more about this issue.

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