iOS 6: Worth Upgrading?

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I will write a “DBTH” article reviewing the false claims about iOS 6 Maps. It should be posted in a few days.

I think Google Maps will be a great app. I like Google Earth, however the 3D views in iOS Maps are superior. I look forward to downloading it for iOS when it comes out. I applaud Google for developing a mapping app for iOS. I don’t think the fanboy wars are something that originates from Google. This is a phenomenon of the blogosphere and desperate marketing tactics. The notion that only Google can make a map or navigation app is ridiculous. I was using MapQuest before Google even existed. This is more evidence of fanboy fundamentalism. Many of these articles provided no mechanism to comment. Indeed, they wanted to ensure that no one could provide facts.

If a blogger is controversial they get more hits. More hits increases the likelihood that people will click on ads, which increases profitability. I’m sure Maps has some flaws, but I haven’t seen them. I even checked out some of the alleged problems, and I couldn’t find the same problems. As you probably know, there is a raging fanboy war between Android and iOS users. Careless bloggers are pouring gasoline on the fire, all so they get more hits. I think, in the long run, these distortions harm the bloggers’ integrity. It is the same sad story of marshalling evidence for one device, and making an unbalanced case. This does not help consumers make an informed decision. I stopped following TechRepublic because I felt they were biased and only interested in representing the interest of their parent company, CBS. By the way, CBS owns many tech websites, including C|NET and ZD Net. I also find these to be biased and tabloid-esque. I even stopped watching 60 Minutes and listening to the local CBS news radio station (which is the oldest radio station in the world, by the way), because they had obvious and profound bias. Even the PBS NewsHour and NPR are biased. If you really want to know the truth, wait for academic papers to come out years later!

I also find it sad that so many fanboys are blowing their fuses over their preferred device. They are just tools of corporate America. If they actually worked in corporate America, and I mean in the belly of the beast, they would quickly lose the desire to be a shill. Let’s face it, the iPhone 5 is another huge success. People are lining up to buy it. This is driving many people crazy. When people sign on for 2 year contracts, they take these decisions seriously. They can’t just be happy with their choice. Android and Windows devices are fine choices. They honestly feel that people who purchase Apple products do so because they can’t think for themselves. However, the herd mentality exists on all sides. To be honest, I have not seen many Windows Phone fanboys.

If customization is important to you, get an Android device. If you like the Apple ecosystem and prefer the curated experience of the “walled garden”, get an Apple device. If you love Microsoft, get a Windows phone or tablet. If you feel sorry for RIM, get a BlackBerry. 😉 In either event, people have to grow up. My hunch is that many of the incendiary comment-battles in the blogosphere are initiated by teenagers. What are their goals? Do they want only one mobile operating system? That would be a true dystopia. As an iOS user, I appreciate Android, Windows, RIM, and whatever comes next. If any one of these technologies became a monopoly, we would have the same mediocrity that reigned the personal computer world for decades. Indeed, Windows has become better as the Mac has surfaced as a viable competitor. If any company achieves a monopoly, they tend to rest on their laurels, making it easy for a competitor to introduce an innovative product. Unless they have a stranglehold on the corporate world, or a huge price advantage, like Windows, there will be many technology choices. That said, I learned in economics that markets tend toward monopoly. We’ll just have to see how this turns out…

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