iOS 6: Worth Upgrading?

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iOS 6 faster

The overall speed and efficiency of the operating system is impressive. Everything is faster. The user interface is fast and fluid. Apps open quickly. The touch-based gestures are even more responsive. That’s amazing because iOS was pretty fast and responsive before iOS 6! The networking is greatly improved. Surfing the web is faster.

This really does build brand loyalty. As an Apple customer, the fact that my almost-2-year-old iPhone 4 is not obsolete, is impressive. Sure, I don’t have Siri. My iPhone can’t do AirPlay screen mirroring. That’s fine. Those features require the newer processors. You can’t expect an OS upgrade to magically upgrade the hardware. I have actually read a few articles in the blogosphere, complaining that the iPad 2 can’t run Siri. I have an iPad 2. I’m OK with that. The A-series processors have “system on a chip” technology. Some software features, like Siri or AirPlay screen mirroring, rely on these embedded systems. When you understand the technological reason why an iPad 2 can’t run Siri, or an iPhone 4 can’t do screen mirroring, it seems reasonable. Keep in mind, many competing devices are running operating systems that are 2-3 years old. Many people have to buy a new smart phone or tablet to get the new operating system. The manufacturer won’t make an upgrade, hoping the consumer will just buy a new device. I wouldn’t! That’s also one thing I don’t miss about Windows PCs. I have upgraded my Mac twice, and will soon upgrade to Mountain Lion.

The fact that iOS 6 runs on an iPhone 3GS is impressive and worthy of accolades. This does not make Apple more money in the short run. It builds brand loyalty. If I were to buy a new smart phone or tablet tomorrow, I would buy another Apple product. I know it will not be obsolete in a few months.

Maps is a great app, regardless of blogosphere hype. You can find flaws in any mapping software, even Google Maps. This kerfuffle is fallout from the fanboy wars, fueled by blogosphere distortions. I am personally puzzled as to why people shill for corporations. Spend a few decades in corporate America… That experience will curb your enthusiasm. I’m sure there are problems with the data in Maps. I find some of the criticism to be ridiculous and biased. Of course, Fox News was one of the first to come out with their “fair and balanced” assessment as to why Maps is the worst app ever. The common tactic is to find a few flaws and blow them out of proportion. Apple did admit that there are problems and since the data is “in the cloud”, as more users report issues, they will be fixed. With hundreds of millions of iOS users, the fixes will come fast. Indeed, the criticism of Maps stems from the success of the iPhone 5 and fear that it will dominate mobile computing. Apple are victims of their own success.

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