iOS 6.1.4: Worth Upgrading?

iOS 6.1.4 software update

iPhone 5 users have a new software update — iOS 6.1.4. According to Apple, the patch updates the “audio profile for speakerphone”. This software update is only available for the iPhone 5.

iOS 6.1.4 was released to the general public without beta testing. Typically, Apple will release the patch to developers before a general release. This, along with the 11.5 MB size of the update, suggests few changes. If Apple decided to sneak other bug fixes in with this release, they are likely insignificant. Furthermore, this update is only for the iPhone 5. This is not a sweeping change that affects all iOS devices.

For the most part, iPhone 5 users have reported few problems with this update. Some notice an improvement in the iPhone 5’s speakerphone. Users report less background noise.

Is iOS 6.1.4 a Battery Drainer?

As with almost every Apple release, some users are complaining about diminished battery life. A few users are reporting increased battery life. This is probably not due to the software update. If Apple improved battery life, they would mention it. This is a small patch released without beta testing. It is unlikely that any changes have been made with regard to battery performance.

Battery life issues seem to crop up after every iOS update. One commenter mentioned that the GeoFence feature in iOS can rapidly drain the battery. He suggests going to Privacy > Location Services, and switching off any unnecessary apps using the GeoFence feature. These apps will have an outlined purple arrow next to them.

Turn off GeoFence location feature to save power

This may be why I have great battery life. I don’t have any location services using the GeoFence feature. I also have a Verizon iPhone. Verizon employs CDMA technology for phone calls. This uses less power than GSM, which is the predominant technology. CDMA phones also emit less radiation.

Try Recalibrating the Battery

It is important that users re-calibrate their iPhone battery at least once a month. It’s also a good idea to do this after an update. I combed the Internet for various techniques on recalibration. This the best process:

1. use iPhone until the battery drains and the device powers off
2. wait a few hours after the device powers off, to further drain the battery
3. charge the device for 8 hours, even if reaches 100% in a few hours
4. reset the device by holding the sleep/power and home button down until it powers off
5. hold the sleep/power button to power up the device


These steps are beyond Apple’s recommendations, however, they advise users to drain the battery once a month. Read this article for more tips on prolonging battery life.

According to the Apple site, there were no new security fixes added. The update includes security fixes from previous iOS releases. Apple has not fixed the lock screen bypass vulnerability introduced in iOS 6.1.3.

Should you upgrade to iOS 6.1.4? I recommend it. It is an innocuous upgrade that will improve your speakerphone. There is little evidence of this upgrade causing problems or introducing new bugs. Follow this how-to article for upgrading iOS to avoid losing any personal data.



  1. I’ve had my iphone5 a couple of months now and I find if you double click the button at the bottom of your phone and delete any open applications you battery life lasts a lot longer.Something Apple doesn’t tell you when you buy any iPhone.Or the retailers who sell them don’t as we all know if you generally know how to use a phone you don’t read the pamphlet

  2. iphone is a disappointment to me and upgrades are to late . I wish I would have never gotten an iphone 4S which I’m stuck with for 2 years. I actually have stock in Apple which is also a disappointment. I have an IMAC which they haven’t upgraded the software for Iphoto or imovie since 2011!!!! and that was not really an upgrade. Going back to my iphone, I’m extremely disappointed with the camera!!! When are they going to get with the program and get competitive!!!

    1. You bought the iPhone 4S, that came out 2 years ago, in 2011 and you are complaining that the features aren’t up to date in June of 2013?

      The hardware you bought is what it is. They aren’t going to make the camera on your 4S better with a software upgrade. If you wanted a better camera than what a 4S offered, then you should have gotten an iPhone 5 or any of a multitude of other phones on the market.

    2. You haven’t had an iPhone before, and you still buy stocks in Apple, Which costs around $ 6,500 per piece!?

      Yeah right…

  3. I am thinking is my iPhone 5 got problem or the iOS my iPhone I just buy not long ago and my phone wifi got problem I use my iPhone 4S I can connected to the wifi that I want but my iPhone 5 is like useless can’t even connected to the wifi that I want to.

  4. Help, please. I just bought iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4. My Bluetooth wont discover any devices. It stays in searching mode. It won’t connect to any thing, My car, headset, jambox speaker. I have a high $$ phone that doesn’t even have Bluetooth ability!! Discussed with Apple!

      1. I’ve tried so many things I’m not sure what finally worked but something did!! Im up and running. Thank you.

  5. I jus bought my iphone 5 4 days ago, but i keep getting disconnected from any wifi connection & my connection status is always in the no service mode although my servicr provider has told me my number is suppose to work fine. Anyone else having such issues? What can i do to fix this? I’ve tried resetting the phone to factory default for so many times yet its still the same. Please help

  6. I did some research. If you’ve tried resetting the device, and resetting network settings, that usually works. Since it did not work for you, it’s possible that you have a defective device. Since your iPhone is new, you should be able to return it and get a replacement. If all of the other devices and computers you own work with your wi-fi network AND your mobile data service is also not working, you likely have a defective phone. It happens.

    Another thing you can try: turn off your cellular data (settings > general > network) and turn off “ask to join wifi networks” (settings > wifi).

    If this works, there could be some “collision” between your iPhone carrier’s frequency and your wifi frequency. If this is the case, you can adjust the band or channel that your wi-fi router runs on. I can’t tell you how to do that, as it varies depending on the brand of router. They usually have a configuration screen accessible via a web page, and you do it from there. Also, make sure to have the newest firmware on your router. I actually had a problem with my wi-fi router being on the same channel as my audio transmitter. It caused a crackling sound. I kept on trying different channels on the wi-fi router until I found one that worked. Oh, and after I did that, the wi-fi on my iPhone and iPad improved in speed.

    Another way to determine this — does your carrier’s 3G or 4G data plan disconnect when you are on wi-fi at home? If you turn off your wi-fi router, does your 3G/4G connection work?

    One last thing — make sure you are running 6.1.4. You probably are, as your iPhone is new. If not, try upgrading it and see if that helps.

  7. There any new rumors or facts about the newest iPhone that I’ve missed? I can tell Appledystopia knows his/her stuff :). Great site!

    1. Hi. Thanks for the like. Feel free to like my page on Facebook if you get a chance. The FB page is new, and only has a few likes. FB icon is at the top of every page, in the social media “toolbar”.

      I try to stay away from the rumor articles, but I do write them from time-to-time. Usually, these pieces are critical of media hype. For example, there was a rumor of a bigger iPhone and some phony video that claimed to show it on an Apple recruiting video. Apple really doesn’t do “big”. They try to make things the right size and are obsessed with democratic design. I wrote an article about this…. In fact the whole DBTH section (don’t believe the hype), is dedicated to squashing some of the more ridiculous rumors. That said, a lot of the rumors pan out to be true.

      I find the articles that get the most views are how-to and reviews. Whenever I have written rumor-type articles, they get few page views. My site is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s a little over a year old, and I’m already getting about 100k page views a month. In time, I will be able to run with the big dogs and get traffic from more speculative articles.

  8. Softwareopdatering af IOS 6.1.4 “kan ikke godkendes, fordi der er ikke forbindelse til internettet” ??
    Min softwareopdatering viser heller ikke mulighed for IOS 7 opdatering ?

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