iOS 11 Features for the iPhone

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Apple Music Is More Social in iOS 11

Apple Music now has 27 million subscribers. This still pales in comparison to Spotify’s 50 million paying users. In an effort to improve its user base, Apple has been gradually improving the service. It now offers 40 million songs, which brings it in line with Google Play Music. Spotify still only has about 30 million songs.

iOS 11 brings more social features to Apple Music. Listeners can check out what music their friends are listening to. Apple Music also introduces the ability to share playlists. Friends can easily add songs to a shared playlist, as the music is beamed to multiple speakers.

iOS 11 Apple Music What Friends Are Listening To

The addition of MusicKit allows third-party developers to integrate Apple Music with their apps. It provides full access to the Apple Music service. For example, a video game can allow users to play their favorite Apple Music tracks instead of playing the default game music.

iOS 11 MusicKit

App Store Redesigned for iOS 11

180 Billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store over the past 9 years. Developers have earned $70 Billion dollars from apps. Without a doubt, the App Store is a huge success.

The App Store now boasts an approval time of 1-24 hours for submitted apps. The App Store also allows developers to control software releases. With Phased Releases, they can gradually release an app so that backend infrastructure isn’t overwhelmed. This is useful for complex apps featuring server-side architecture.

iOS 11 brings a new design to the App Store. Users are first presented with the Today view, which displays new releases and trending apps. The interface is cleaner and features large cards with app details.

iOS 11 AppStore Today View

Games now have their own dedicated tab.

iOS 11 AppStore Games

In-app purchases are presented directly in the App Store, enabling immediate purchase.

New APIs for iOS 11

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are tools used by developers to leverage operating system capabilities. iOS 11 offers new APIs providing a whole new world of possibilities for developers.

The new Machine Learning APIs open up technologies that have been used by Apple internally for the past few years. Machine learning technology is encapsulated in a few distinct APIs — Vision and Natural Language.

iOS 11 Machine Learning Vision API

These are built on the Core ML API, which can be used directly by developers to implement their own machine learning features.

Machine Learning Core API

Augmented reality is a big deal these days. iOS 11 brings ARKit to developers, enabling them to take advantage of sophisticated augmented reality technologies.

iOS 11 ARKit

With ARKit, developers can superimpose intelligent computer graphics on a real world display.

Pokemon Go AR Example

iOS 11 offers myriad APIs and software development kits to developers. You’re sure to see bold new advances in app technology.

iPad Gains Even More Features in iOS 11

iOS 11 is actually a modest release for the iPhone. The iPad, however, has undergone a major redesign. With its Dock, improved multi-tasking and Files app, it’s rapidly becoming more like a Mac and less like an iPhone. iPad features for iOS 11 are beyond the scope of this article. For more information, please read “iOS 11 Features for the iPad”.

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