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iOS 11 Features for the iPhone

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General improvements to photo quality continue with iOS 11. The new operating system brings improved image quality, better low light photography and advances in optical image stabilization to your iOS device.

iOS 11 Camera Improvements

Developers can access depth information in photographs using Apple’s new Depth API. This new application programming interface takes advantage of the iPhone’s dual cameras.

iOS 11 Depth API

The Photos app uses machine learning in iOS 11. The Memories feature can now categorize photos by topics such as pets, sporting events and weddings.

iOS 11 Machine Learning for Photos

Live Photos gain new capabilities in iOS 11. Users can trim live photos and control animation. New effects, such as loop and bounce, offer new possibilities for Live Photos. It’s also possible to capture a specific frame of a Live Photo, making it easier to get just the right shot.

iOS 11 Live Photos Features

The new Long Exposure effect produces professional results from a Live Photo. It simulates the photographic technique of exposing film for an extended time in order to capture motion.

iOS 11 Long Exposure Photos

Control Center Redesigned in iOS 11

iOS 10 introduced changes to Control Center that many consider to be setbacks. Users were forced to swipe through multiple screens of controls. It took more effort to access frequently used iPhone features. With iOS 11, Control Center’s features are available all on one screen. 3D Touch provides access to additional features simply by deep-pressing the control. The look and feel of controls has also been improved, with sophisticated animated sliders.

iOS 11 Control Center

Lock Screen and Notification Center Unified in iOS 11

Swiping down on the Home screen displays the Lock screen and immediate notifications. Users can access all Notifications simply by scrolling up. Swiping left or right displays Widgets and the Camera.

Maps Can Guide You Through Malls and Airports in iOS 11

When Maps first launched, it was the laughing-stock of the tech world. Over the years, the app has gradually improved both in terms of accuracy and features. iOS 11 features mapping for malls and airports in the Maps app.

iOS 11 Airport Maps

Navigation improvements have also been added to iOS 11. Drivers can now see speed limits and are guided into the correct lane.

iOS 11 Maps Lane Guidance

Driving Is Safer with iOS 11

iOS 11 adds a new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature. Bluetooth, the gyroscope and the WiFi doppler effect are used to determine if a user is driving. If a user opts in to the feature, alerts and notifications are silenced while driving. Passengers can easily bypass the feature. Automatic responses communicate that the user is currently driving and cannot reply to iMessages. Specific contacts can send urgent messages which bypass the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature.

iOS 11 Do Not Disturb While Driving

HomeKit and AirPlay 2 Add Support for Multi-Room Speakers

Many people have multiple speakers throughout their homes. HomeKit for iOS 11 adds support for multiple speakers.

iOS 11 HomeKit Speakers

It works in conjunction with AirPlay 2, which finally brings the ability to beam audio to multiple speakers. Prior to iOS 11, this capability has been limited to computer-based iTunes.

iOS 11 AirPlay 2

Apple TV will also work with AirPlay 2. The TV device can now be part of a larger, multi-room audio system. Apple TV can also control playback to multiple speakers using Siri.

Apple TV AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 is also open to developers. With iOS 11, third-party apps can beam music to multiple speakers. next page →

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