iOS 11 Features for the iPhone

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iOS 11 Features for the iPhone

iOS 11 builds on the legacy of iPhone technology. This article examines iOS 11 features for the iPhone.

Remember that first iPhone? People were delighted to have a fully functional web browser. You could even watch YouTube videos on your phone. Some may contend that the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone. They argue that the Blackberry and LG Prada really deserve this distinction. The problem is, both of those devices were really just smarter feature phones. The iPhone defined the modern-day smartphone. You really have to hate Apple to deny this fact.

Over time, the iPhone has evolved into a much more capable device. Apple has focused on high performance features, instead of low hanging fruit. While others focus on customization, Apple delivers the features that most people want. Their approach seems to be based more on market research.

With iOS 11, we actually see modest improvements for the iPhone, at least with built-in apps and services. Under the hood, Apple continues to offer groundbreaking tools enabling developers to create amazing apps. ARKit, for example, transforms Apple devices into the largest augmented reality platform on the planet. With consistent hardware capabilities, Apple can deliver software development tools that consistently work across hundreds of millions of devices. Let’s take a look at what iOS 11 has to offer.

Improvements to Messages

A new, redesigned App Drawer comes to the iPhone with iOS 11. The App Drawer provides quick and convenient access to apps and stickers within the Messages apps.

Messages App Drawer

Messages are now stored in iCloud. This enables inter-device synchronization of iMessages. iMessages also take up less space on devices, as only recent messages are stored locally.

Apple Pay for iOS 11

Apple Pay supports person-to-person payments with iOS 11. The service is integrated directly into Messages. The app can even interpret iMessages and automatically populate the payment amount. Received funds are stored on the Apple Pay cash card. From there, they can be sent to people, used for payments or transferred to your bank.

Person-To-Person Apple Pay

Siri Gets Smarter in iOS 11

iOS 11 brings a new, more natural voice to Apple’s personal digital assistant. Advances in deep learning provide different inflections for words. For example, Siri can say “sunny” in three slightly different ways. These natural speech capabilities are available for both the male and female Siri voices.

Siri also features a new visual interface in iOS 11. It can present follow-up questions and display multiple results for searches.

Siri Follow-Up Questions

Siri also comes with a new translation feature. Users can translate from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Updates will support even more languages.

Siri Translation

Third-party developers are able to access some of Siri’s functionality with the introduction of SiriKit. Developers have access to features such as ride scheduling, payments, messaging, photo searches, VoIP calling, workouts, car controls, lists and QR codes. SiriKit allows third-party apps to be invoked by Siri. For example, Siri can bring up a QR code in WeChat.

Improvements in Siri enable Apple’s personal digital assistant to understand context, interests and how you use your device in order to predict what you want next. For example, Siri can offer to make a calendar appointment based on activity in Safari. Siri’s learning is synchronized across all devices.

Siri Acts Based on Safari

Apple’s Camera Embraces New Video Standards

iOS 11 introduces High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) to Apple devices. This new format can store 4K HDR video data in an efficient, compressed format. With up to 2 times better compression, this conserves storage space on devices and iCloud. JPEG image storage is replaced with the new High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). The new format provides a similar two-fold improvement in data compression. next page →

HVEC for iOS 11

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