iOS 11 Features for the iPad

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Screenshots are immediately displayed on the lower left corner of the screen. Tapping on the screenshot takes the user into Markup.

Markup is integrated directly into Mail. Users can quickly add inline drawings and hand-written annotations.

Notes Gets Smarter in iOS 11

iPad Pro users can quickly access the current Notes document simply by tapping the Apple Pencil on the Lock Screen. This makes it easy for students and professionals to quickly take notes. Handwritten Notes documents can also be searched, thanks to advancements in machine learning. Notes also supports inline drawings in typed documents.

iOS 11 Notes Apple Pencil

One of the most impressive new Notes features is a built-in document scanner. The scanner uses the back camera to take a photo of the document. This image is straightened out and adjusted for uniform lighting.

iOS 11 Notes Document Scanner

iOS 11 Notes Scanned Document

Apple Pencil users can use Markup to add annotations and signatures to scanned documents.

iPad Still Can’t Replace a Computer for Everyone

iOS 11 brings powerful new features to the iPad. Even with these new features, a lot of users will still need to use a computer. If you’re a software developer, you can’t compile, test, debug or deploy code on an iPad. Audio Visual professionals, who often use terabytes of data, simply can’t do their job on an iPad. You may find graphic designers who have taken a shine to the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. That said, you won’t find major movie studios editing their latest blockbuster on an iPad. Even the average office worker still has a good reason to use a computer. A computer with a monitor at eye-level and keyboard/mouse at wrist level benefits from optimal ergonomics. Beyond comfort, poor ergonomics open employers to lawsuits. A Windows PC is still much less expensive than an iPad. Switching to iPads also means that new site licenses must be purchased for software. It’s unlikely that corporations will switch to the iPad in droves. At best, they will offer them to employees who need them — graphic designers, salespeople and other field workers.

Despite the fact that the iPad is still not a computer replacement, it seems to be moving in that direction. Unfortunately, Apple has no incentive to make the iPad into a Mac killer. Doing so would have a negative impact on the bottom line. Apple wants their customers to buy all of their products. They want you to buy an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch and all the accessories. By design, these products offer distinct views of the Apple ecosystem. They work together, synergistically, to provide unique user experiences across devices. Yes, you can watch Netflix on your iPad, but it’s a much better experience on Apple TV. Similarly, you probably don’t want to edit documents on your Apple TV.

Regardless of what the iPad fanboys may claim, the iPad will likely never replace the Mac. The Mac is not standing still. Each iteration adds new features and capabilities. It’s still a wildly popular notebook computer. For those who need a professional-grade computer, the Mac stands alone.

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