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The Google Search browser has improved quite a bit. When I first got my iPhone, a Google fanboy told me to download the Google Search app, as I would be using it all the time. I didn’t use it because the voice recognition didn’t work well and the browser did not work in landscape mode. This has all improved. In fact, the browser can do some impressive things, such as play a YouTube video in one tab while you are surfing the web in another (of course, you only hear the audio). Safari can’t do that. This multi-tasking improvement is also available in Chrome for iOS. I personally prefer Safari, as I like the “Reader” feature quite a bit, and don’t really have a need to listen to a YouTube video while surfing the web. If I listen to music and surf the web, it is done by multitasking separate apps. In fact, I can even play music on my stereo via AirPlay and surf the web at the same time. While I don’t use Chrome much, I will be using the Google Search app quite a bit.

Google Search is smart and useful. I recommend this app to all iOS users. I expect it to improve. It could possibly become more like Siri. After all, Google does have a set of web apps for managing calendars and other tasks. Google has web portals, such as Google Finance and News, that provide comprehensive information. While the “Siri-killer” notion is complete hype, perhaps someday soon, Google Search will offer the functionality of an intelligent personal assistant. That would be great for iOS users who do not have Siri or are invested in the Google ecosystem.

Many iOS device owners use Gmail and Google Docs. I use Gmail, Google Docs and Google Search. I think the fanboys are polemical — either you use everything Google or everything Apple. Google makes many iOS apps and Apple enables Safari and Mail users to access Google Search and Gmail.

Fanboys are simpletons. They see everything in black and white. It’s unfortunate that so much of the web tries to pour gasoline on this fire, in hopes that a flame-war will erupt on their website, and people will view more ads. I don’t know if angry fanboys actually click on ads, though.

I think it is a greedy and shortsighted tactic. Intellectual honesty is the true casuality of the fanboy wars. I own a Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and wholeheartedly endorse Google Search for iOS. It’s a great app. Just don’t expect Siri, regardless of the hype. It simply was not designed to be an intelligent personal assistant. Siri isn’t its own Siri-killer, but merely its own detractor. Apple admitted it’s a beta version and has improved the technology in iOS 6. The demos promised much more than it could deliver. Most iOS users I know do not use it. Similarly, I will type Google search queries far more than I use the voice feature of Google Search. These technologies are in their infancy. In time, they will be the primary interface for computing.

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