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Gboard Protects Your Privacy

Contrary to their competitors’ claims, Google does not unreasonably violate people’s privacy rights. Yes, they do track you, but it is done in an anonymous way. No one is able to look at a database with your browsing information. It’s all automated and sanitized of your personal information. Their computers track you, but it’s not like any human being can consume that data.

Gboard takes privacy a step further, and unlike most iOS custom keyboards, does not track your information. Google is quite transparent about what data is sent to their servers. Your search queries are obviously transmitted. It’s a necessity of searching for information. Usage statistics and microphone data are also sent to Google. The latter data is use only for dictation.

You can safely allow Gboard full access to your keyboard data. It’s the only way to take advantage of its advanced features. If you are too paranoid to do this, don’t even bother installing Gboard. Just stick with the default iOS keyboard, which sends data to Apple.

I Only Use Gboard on My iPhone

Despite my fondness for Google’s custom keyboard, I only use it on my iPhone. I use the stock iOS keyboard on my iPad. Much of Gboard’s functionality works best on an iPhone. Technologies such as glide typing work well on small screens. I find it exhausting to swipe on the iPad’s larger virtual keyboard. Conversely, I find it exasperating to type on a small iPhone keyboard.

When I need to quickly look up information on my iPad, I simply swipe from the right side of the screen to initiate Split View multitasking. I can open Safari in a small pane and do my research, all without switching between apps. The ability to search Google using a custom keyboard isn’t as compelling on an iPad. It’s essential on an iPhone.

Gboard is the best iOS custom keyboard

After trying a few custom keyboard options, I’ve reached the conclusion that Gboard is the leader of the pack. It’s fast, responsive and designed with convenience in mind. The most impressive feature is integrated Google search. This will spare you the hassle of switching between apps just to look up information. The search features are optimized for quickly inserting images, GIF animations and links into documents and messages. Glide typing is also a great convenience for one-handed iPhone text entry.

I’m not the only one who is fond of Gboard. It gets great reviews in the App Store. At the time of this writing, it has earned 4 out of 5 stars across all versions. Several users proclaim it to be the best custom keyboard for iOS. Gboard isn’t perfect, but it will definitely enhance your iPhone experience.

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  1. Hi I have iOS 12.3 and Gboard works fine for text and browser apps but not standard Mail app. I have followed all instructions. I have seen other folks comment so I know I am not alone.

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