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GarageBand Rules

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I am not alone in my dismay at the state of music. Artists such as Porcupine Tree and The Tangent have written songs and even whole albums about the death of artistic standards in music. I even remember when indie rock had some amazing musicianship and innovation. There are still bastions of what I would consider great music. Aural Moon, in particular, has some of the best music you’ve probably never heard. Whenever I listen, I end up buying quite a few albums on iTunes. Yeah, all of this stuff is out there, and most of it is easily available. The artists have to keep their day jobs and are doing it solely out of passion. This means no touring and very little airplay, beyond Internet radio.

GarageBand isn’t just for demos or capturing ideas. It can actually create the next hit that all the kids will be dancing to. I may sound bitter, but musical taste is an opinion. Opinions cannot be wrong. If people enjoy the 4/4 time dance track that took a few hours to make, more than Close to the Edge, they have every right to hold that opinion. I do feel a bit disappointed that we will probably never have music as wonderful as in the past. I fear that the last generation of great musicians will be extinguished by a lack of regard. I hope I am wrong.

MTV changed everything, much like the Internet changed the way people access information, and has created much more bias and misinformation in the process. If you want to find evidence that eating a stick of butter is healthy, you can find it on the Internet. If you are a fanboy and want to find evidence that supports your gadget bias, you will find it on the Internet. The Internet changed music further. While it allows obscure musicians to promote their craft, it also allows people to pirate their music. The underdog often doesn’t break even. Great artists resign because they are literally living on welfare. But I digress…

GarageBand is really great, and you should buy it. Check out a song I created with GarageBand. It only took a few hours, and it was really fun to do. There are some loops, but the guitars, most of the drums, and bass are all virtual instruments. It is amazing how much they sound like the real instruments.

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