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GarageBand Rules

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cellos on floor

Talent will be lost due to shortcuts and automation. If you doubt this, I have seen this happen in the software engineering world. SQL, for example, is a dying skill. It is hard to find engineers with decent SQL skills amongst the new generation. Why? Because they don’t have to learn it to develop an application. There are all sorts of short-cuts, such as object-relational mapping, active record, and other technologies. Unfortunately, when they have to do something less abstract, or understand why a query is taking so long (because under the abstract layers, the application is running an SQL query), they can’t do it. That is one reason why so many web and mobile apps are dead slow and buggy.

Similarly, talent will atrophy amongst musicians. Sure, there will always be a cadre of talent amongst the conservatory crowd. The popularity of sports may foster the continuation of marching bands. Who knows? Perhaps the marching band of the future will be hipsters krumping to a beat thumping out of a pimped-out car? Why learn an instrument or become a virtuoso? Many of the most talented musicians make very little money and barely scrape by. You can see that time signatures other than 4/4 are rare, especially in pop music. Most of the “musicians” today don’t even know what a time signature is. They just make beats you can dance to, yo. GarageBand does support a few time signatures and music modalities. The thing is, few people will use them. It is the ultimate crutch for the hipster to spend even less time on music and more time on clothes and hair.

The recording industry will love you, especially if you can knock-off an album in a few weeks on an iPad or Mac. They don’t want the guys with 50 piece drum kits, double-necked guitars, and stacks of keyboards (especially a temperamental Mellotron) agonizing over take after take. For all that effort, they just don’t *look* cool enough. Music is an industry defined mostly by teenagers. As people age, they are buried with too many responsibilities and obligations to follow music. This makes something like GarageBand a viable tool for one’s success. No one will really care if you recorded your album in a fancy studio, or your bedroom. As long as it fits the trends, and most importantly, the image is spot on — that, with a whole lot of luck, will make for success.

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