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It’s a free app, with a $1.99 ad-free premium version. In-app purchase enable National Weather Service alerts and a hurricane tracker, but are rather expensive at $3.99 and $2.99, respectively. These features may be compelling for people living in vulnerable areas.

The Weather Channel

Given the ubiquity of The Weather Channel, it’s a bit surprising this isn’t the top weather app in the App Store. The overall quality of this app may be indicative of why it’s not the top app. The app is functional, attractive and stable, but nothing special. It’s not terrible, but one would expect something better from The Weather Channel. Reviewers give the app four stars, which seems appropriate.

The Weather Channel app for iOS

On start-up, the app displays the 10 day forecast for your location. Tapping on each day reveals the hourly forecast. The user interface is appealing and simple.

The Weather Channel app hourly view

The radar feature is decent, but the user can only choose one layer at a time. Furthermore, the future rain forecast animation only provides two hours of estimated precipitation. This pales in comparison to the excellent radar maps provided by Intellicast HD.

Other features include video forecasts along with information about flu and pollen. There’s a surprising lack of social media features — no Twitter or Facebook integration. At best, one can email different forecasts.

The Weather Channel app is decent. The problem is, there are better weather apps out there. Before writing this article, this was my go-to weather app. It was even in my dock. Now that I have discovered Intellicast HD, I’m going to delete The Weather Channel app and replace it with Intellicast.

Intellicast HD is the Best iPad Weather App

If you only have space for one weather app, go for Intellicast HD. It’s an attractive and stable app that provides comprehensive weather information. While other apps are more ornate, Intellicast has the best radar maps, offering a 5+ hour map-based forecast of precipitation. If you prefer a more decorative app, go for AccuWeather. It also has a 15 day forecast, but long-range forecasts tend to be inaccurate.

Apple doesn’t always make the best apps. Perhaps it’s a blessing that the iPad doesn’t come with a weather app. It forces users to branch out and download something better. The five apps featured in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s too many weather apps to count.

I hope this article inspires you to look beyond what Apple has provided. Third-party developers have created better apps than the ones that shipped with your iOS device. Many of these are free. Beyond replacing your weather app, you can replace Reminders, Stocks, Calculator and even Safari with better third-party apps.

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