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Hulu with Live TV Works on Many Platforms

Most of the cable-over-the-Internet services don’t just cater to TV devices such as Apple TV. In fact, they usually launch an Apple TV client months or years after the service has been available on the web and mobile devices. Hulu with Live TV is no exception. You can use your account on virtually any device, including your iPhone and iPad. This comes in handy when you want to watch TV anywhere. Just make sure not to burn through too much cellular data, because, unlike Netflix, you can’t download programs for offline viewing. Even Hulu’s DVR is cloud-based.

While this may sound like a useful feature, keep in mind, many cable companies offer complete access to live, streaming TV on mobile devices and the web. I know that Spectrum offers their full, live channel lineup on mobile devices at no extra charge.

How Much Does Hulu with Live TV Cost?

Hulu with Live TV costs $39.99 per month. Unlike cable, there are no hidden fees, but there are add-ons. Subscribers can add HBO, Cinemax or Showtime for $14.99, $9.99 or $8.99, respectively. The enhanced cloud-based DVR and unlimited simultaneous streaming to multiple screens are also add-ons. Both features cost $14.99 each. Given that users must supply their own Internet connection, there really isn’t much of a savings over cable. That’s a tough sell for a service that’s missing so many channels.

Hulu with Live TV Is Not Quite There Yet

I’ve been fond of Hulu for many years. I am not a fan boy, so I can comfortably enjoy Netflix and Hulu. Even though they don’t compete, a simplistic mentality pervading the Internet has fan boys feuding over two completely different things. I subscribe to both services, but usually not concurrently.

I really wanted to love Hulu with Live TV. I was so excited when it debuted on Apple TV and rushed to sign up for the free trial. Deficiencies in the channel lineup and horrible usability dampened my enthusiasm for Hulu’s live TV service. I simply cannot justify paying cable prices for a service that doesn’t have Comedy Central or AMC.

The usability is atrocious. There are way too many categories and duplicate pathways for users. Just about every screen has two menu bars. The user interface is much too complicated for tvOS, where users navigate using the Touch surface. Navigation is difficult when a tvOS UI has too many elements on the screen. Users tend to overshoot on-screen targets. I found it too difficult to easily navigate the screen. They need to simplify the UI and get rid of the duplicate categories. next page →

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