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Watch Live TV on Hulu

Hulu has abstracted the concept of TV channels. You can access channels and do some channel surfing, but they often blur the line between live and on demand programming. If you just want to do some channel surfing, you have to drill down pretty far into the UI. Home screen categories like My Channels and TV won’t necessarily take you to that channel surfing experience.

The fastest way to surf live channels is to start playing any video. Swipe up from the bottom of the Siri Remote’s Touch surface. A panel with video thumbnails is displayed. Navigate and click on the Live tab. From there, you can scroll through all of the live channels. Click on any channel to start watching. You can start a show from the beginning, even if you tuned in late.

You can also start watching live TV the “hard way”, which involves drilling down into the user interface. From the main screen, select My Channels on the second menu bar from the top. You will see the live channels that you configured during the setup process. To access all channels, click on More Networks.

There’s also a third way to access live TV. Click on My Stuff on the top-most menu bar. The My Stuff screen will appear. Next, click on Networks on the second menu bar.

There really doesn’t need to be three ways to access live TV. A more streamlined menu with one live TV option would be better. Of course, they should keep the slide up channel surfing panel embedded in every video.

Overall, there is a problem with overloading the user interface. So many of the options and pathways take you to the same place. They could drastically simplify the user interface, to the benefit of Hulu subscribers. I’m very good with technology, but I sometimes find myself lost and confused with this service.

Hulu with Live TV: My Stuff Screen

I remember my 10th grade English teacher telling us to never use the word “stuff”. It sounds uneducated. Instead, it’s always better to be specific. If you can’t do that, say “things of that nature” or something more eloquent. It looks like the UI/UX designers at Hulu don’t agree. I can’t hold them to that standard. They’re trying to be folksy and put people at ease. The word “stuff” is the least of my concerns…

The big question for me is, why is there a My Stuff screen in the first place? It is mainly just a rehash of the Home Screen. The menu, with 7 categories of “My Stuff”, presents Sports and Teams as two distinct categories. Teams should probably go under the Sports category.

The idea seems to be that My Stuff is personalized to the user. Items on the Home screen, however, are also personalized. The Networks menu option on the My Stuff screen is personalized to the extent that you can only watch favorite channels. Networks on the Home screen lets you watch both. Confused? Me too. next page →

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