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The lack of excellent recommendations is actually not as bad as it may seem. Users can explore music by browsing related artists. Really, isn’t that what recommendations are all about? If you’re in the mood to listen to a certain artist, you very well might want to hear similar music. Google Play Music presents a wide array of related artists. This is how I discover new music, and it is easy to do with Google Play Music. I have discovered new artists that even the snobbiest art-rock aficionado is unaware of. This capability more than makes up for sub-par recommendations on the Listen Now screen. It would be convenient to have more related artists offered as recommendations in one central location — the Listen Now screen.

Google Play Music New Releases Not Personalized

When an artist you like releases or reissues an album, you most likely want to know about it. Unfortunately, Google Play Music doesn’t do this very well. Browsing the new releases simply displays a collection of music I don’t care about. I really don’t care about the new Brittney Spears album. I understand that a lot of people do. Unfortunately, Google Play Music can’t make that delineation. While Google Play Music offers a recommended new releases section, it only offers one album from a band with the same name as another band I like. It’s quite clear that this algorithm needs some work.

Spotify is excellent when it comes to personalized new releases. Their Browse screen offers “new releases for you” and it’s just that — new albums that you will actually enjoy. They even email you when they get a new album that you’ll probably like. This is the thing I miss most about Spotify. I still get those emails, but now I listen to the album on Google Play Music. The funny thing is, Google Play Music already had a lot of these albums. That’s why I will stick with Google Play Music. When it comes down to it, they have 5 million more songs than their competitors. I simply have access to more music. That’s the most important thing!

Google Play Music Is the Best Music Subscription Service

All music subscription services are similar, but not equal. Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music all charge the same monthly subscription fee, even for family plans. Google Play Music simply gives you more for your money with fewer frustrations. You get over 5 million more songs than Spotify or Apple Music. This is a huge advantage. Google Play Music subscribers also get a free YouTube Red account and access to YouTube Music. Yes, the media acts as though Google Play Music doesn’t even exist. All you hear about is Spotify and Apple Music. When you get over the hype, Google Play Music is far better than its competitors. Go for the free trial, and I think you will agree. Google Play Music is the best music subscription service!

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  1. I have had a Spotify account for years, an am/was in the third year as a paid subscriber. Its good, I agree with your comments about recommendations/new releases, etc, but I have grown tired of it’s black UI (not that I like GPM’s white UI), so a couple of weeks ago I decided to quit and try-out other services.

    After a few days using each service I think I’m leaning towards GPM or Amazon Unlimited. Both I find excellent. Amazon UI is better, I think, but the desktop app doesn’t scrobble. GPM, there’s a third-party desktop client which allows scrobbling and a dark or light UI (with choice of accent colour). I like it. Both have a mini-player view (a main reason I want a change from Spotify). Well, Spotify paid ends today, and I’ll probably continue with GMP after my 2 month trial. Amazon is tempting though. A big plus is that you can play music that’s on your computer, without having to uploading it – use it as a music player. Once you get used to the UI and selecting between playing/searching on cloud or drive, it’s excellent. Tidal and Deezer I found terrible. Shame ’cause I got a three month free Tidal Hi-Fi subscription which won’t be used again. Anyway, thanks for the review!

    1. Glad you found the review agreeable. I write based on my experience. I don’t have an agenda. I’m not paid by any tech, marketing or PR firm to write reviews. (Payola is the norm on the Internet these days. Even the major tech sites are taking money to make marketing seem like reviews.)

      I am really loving GPM, but I have not tried Amazon Unlimited. I will have to try it.

      I tried Tidal recently, and I love that they have a tvOS/Apple TV app. The sound quality is amazing. Unfortunately, their music library is very limited. They claim to have 50 million songs, but they are missing so much of the music I can access on Google Play Music. It’s a shame, because audio quality is important to me, but if I can’t find the music I love, it’s meaningless. For example, Tidal only had about a dozen John Scofield albums. My favorite Steve Roach albums are absent. They didn’t have nearly as many Miles Davis albums as GPM. Really, so many albums I have grown to love are not on Tidal. Their 50 million songs seem to be loaded toward certain genres. Maybe a lot of people haven’t heard of Steve Roach (although he was nominated for a Grammy a few years back). But the notable absence of Miles Davis and John Scofield albums is surprising. All of it is a dealbreaker.

      So far, Google Play Music beats every other subscription service, in my tests. I just wish they would make a tvOS app and increase audio quality. To be fair, they stream at 320kbps, which is better than Apple Music. Apple Music is one of the worst I have used. Spotify is great, but they just don’t have enough music.

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