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Google Play Music: The Best Music Subscription Service

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Google Play Music the Best Music Subscription Service

Spotify and Apple Music have captured the media spotlight, however, Google Play Music is superior to both services. This article examines the benefits of subscribing to Google Play Music.

Media hype over a product or service often tends to be misleading. Most people have heard of Spotify and Apple Music. This is due to clever marketing and a lot of PR. Public relations specialists for corporations like Apple and Spotify engage news organizations. They put out press releases. Spotify even has an employee that regularly appears on CBS News. This unbalanced coverage has many people believing that your only choices for music subscription services are Spotify and Apple Music. I believed this for a long time. I tried Google Play Music on a whim. They offered a 30 day free trial, so there was nothing to lose.

I approached Google Play Music with skepticism. After all, few in the media mentioned the service. I never read a single good review of Google Play Music. In fact, I never read any review or news story about it.

I learned about Google’s music subscription service from social media. It was launched in 2011 (long before Apple Music) with little fanfare. It seemed like the music subscription service for Google fanboys. Boy, was I wrong! Once I started using Google Play Music, I quickly realized that it’s vastly superior to both Spotify and Apple Music. Google Play Music isn’t perfect, but its quirks are definitely not deal breakers. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Google Play Music.

Google Play Music Has the Most Music

Apple Music and Spotify both offer about 30 million songs in their catalog. That may sound like a lot, but Google Play Music has over 35 million songs. I simply find more of the music I was missing on Spotify and Apple Music.

I don’t listen to pop music. I prefer art music — jazz, avant-garde rock, progressive rock, classical and other forms of music from all over the world. Google Play Music has some albums I have been looking for for years. These were albums that I couldn’t even buy as used CDs. I found myself saying “Wow! They have this album!” over and over. If you love rare, hard-to-find music, Google Play Music is, by far, the best music subscription service.

Even if you have mainstream musical tastes, how do you know what you will like or dislike? Google Play Music may turn you on to an international pop or hip hop artist that you’ve never heard of. It’s always better to have more options, even if you might not use them. With 5 million more songs in their catalog, Google Play Music has much more to offer than Spotify or Apple Music.

Google Play Music Has Better Audio Quality Than Apple Music

Apple has a reputation for quality that is often undeserved. Sure, they make an excellent smartphone. The Macintosh is one of the best computers on the market. Not every Apple product is great, however. Apple Music offers average audio quality. At 256 kbps bit rate, it’s adequate, but both Spotify and Google Play Music are better. Both offer music at 320 kbps, which sound noticeably better than Apple’s format. (continue…)

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